Stevens Point Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Stevens Point, Wisconsin addiction treatment clinic has a specific and actionable approach to helping people beat back an alcohol and drug addiction. Addiction requires professional assistance. In order to effectively beat this, clients have to come into contact with people who can help design an individualized approach for them. That’s what our Stevens Point, Wisconsin addiction recovery center does for clients. When clients come to our drug rehab center, we give them the attention they need to walk out of our clinic and move toward a successful life. Read on to find our more about our strategy for helping clients achieve recovery.

Customization from detox to aftercare

Everything at our Stevens Point, Wisconsin substance abuse treatment facility is designed to provide clients with a specialized approach. In the course of helping you beat addiction, we have learned that every client comes to the clinic with a different set of needs. Some will require a longer stay in the clinic, while others need a shorter stay. We encourage our clients to talk to us, and when we listen, we can design plans that will help them.

We begin with supervised detox. Going through detox is never fun or easy, and going through it alone can be even more difficult. By supervising clients through the detox process, we ensure that they know precisely what to expect. If they begin to struggle, we can be there to help them along the way. From there, we design a treatment plan that focuses on dual-diagnosis. Our clients get physical assistance to heal their bodies, but they also get a mental health diagnosis that will help them understand the causes and sources of addiction. In many cases, addiction is just a product of a lingering mental health problem. With the dual diagnosis approach, we help clients with both sides of this coin.

Finally, we design a personalized aftercare plan that will give clients the best chance to succeed when they leave our Stevens Point, Wisconsin drug rehab clinic. We don’t just want clients to kick an addiction for a few months, we prefer long-term success stories. This is where our Stevens Point, Wisconsin addiction recovery facility shines. We continue to guide you long after you have left treatment.

Safety in the facility

No client can have success in addiction recovery unless they feel safe. We ensure safety through proactive training and the use of technology. Each client becomes a priority, and we foster that safe environment to give clients the best chance to focus on their recovery in an environment they can trust.

Community is the focus

Our Stevens Point, Wisconsin addiction treatment center utilizes a community-based approach. Clients who succeed in our drug rehab center often do so because of the support of the surrounding people. Rather than just receiving help from skilled professionals, they link up with fellow clients. These people are going through the same things, so they help to support one another. We use the power of community to increase success rates for our clients as they go through treatment and personally-designed aftercare.

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