Powell Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Personalized Powell Addiction Treatment Programs

Once a person is committed to becoming free of a substance use disorder, detoxification is the first step. When taking any substance for months or years, it will accumulate in the body. Removing it is called detoxification. A Powell drug detoxification program may be the best option for removing methamphetamine, prescription drugs, or any other substance from the body. Powell inpatient drug detoxification centers, as well as such centers in Cody, offer a safe and secure environment for people to undergo detoxification and recover safely.

During this period of time, the person will undergo withdrawal symptoms. The body has been taking the drug and now is used to functioning off the drug on a daily basis. Physical and mental reactions are involved when the body experiences withdrawal from an addictive substance. Physical reactions include nausea, shaking, sweating, itching and insomnia regularly, but it may not be all at once. Mental reactions include depression, anxiety and paranoia regularly, which wears on the mental health of the patient. Trained addiction caregivers at these Powell addiction treatment centers are trained to prescribe and give out non-addictive medication to assist in managing the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, marijuana, and other addictive substances.

The Benefits of Powell Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation While Detoxing

Inpatient drug detoxification centers offer everything a person needs in order to pursue a drug-free lifestyle. The residential facility provides full-time care, food and activities along with the therapy each individual will need. The person has no contact with anyone who has enabled his or her substance use disorder, so they can focus on detoxification and recovery. Inpatient drug detoxification centers provide help and attention from medical professionals and those detoxing themselves at the centers, along with a variety of therapeutic options. Above all, the person should feel comfortable and safe throughout the program.

What Kinds of Powell Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatments Are There?

Powell drug detoxification programs, as well as those in Sheridan and most other cities, are available for those who need outpatient programs. This means the person lives at home and continues his or her normal daily life. This treatment is best for those with milder addictions or people who have not had substance use disorder for very long. Outpatient programs work with the patients on how best to counteract their triggers. Someone lucky enough to catch their addictive habits early can make the change quickly in an outpatient treatment program. The different programs vary in length, and some could continue for a couple months to a year depending on the patient’s progress.

Individual and group therapy programs include but are not limited to relapse prevention, medical treatment, life skills and mental health programs. Those in recovery need support during this trying time, and outpatient programs make it possible for participants to stay near their families for support if they are not seen as an addiction trigger. Programs are often customized for the interests, belief systems and other preferences of the individual in order to get the best results possible. We match people with Powell addiction treatment programs in order to accommodate their individual lifestyles.

Worland drug rehabilitation programs often times involve interacting and spending time with well tempered and trained animals, including horses, dogs, and others. Outdoor adventures such as hiking can bring patients solace and quiet they have not had in their previous environment. Calmer forms of treatment are also available, which includes yoga and arts and crafts. Music therapy is known to help many fight their inner voices and bring peace back into their lives. Group and individual sessions are offered to all patients. Our addiction specialists will assist patients in finding the treatment that suits them best no matter the situation.

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