Newport Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A National Health Concern

During December, 2017, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) divulged a report that made news headlines. It documented a significant increase in opioid abuse in the United States. From a statistical standpoint, many people in the country suffer from a variety of addictions. The problem has increased to epidemic proportions. If you or a loved one will benefit from undergoing treatment at our addiction treatment clinic in Newport, Arkansas, you’ll need to learn more about our program.

One Life at a Time

During the 1960s, environmental activists embraced a slogan urging people to “think globally and act locally”. They directed everyone’s attention to the fact that changes must begin at an individual level. Our addiction recovery center in Newport has implemented a program designed to help people from different walks of life obtain assistance to overcome their addictions. Yet this process begins with a phone call.

Our Program

We strive to provide a caring and respectful treatment environment. Our services have assisted many people in the past. We’ve learned from experience that certain practices benefit clients receiving assistance through our Newport addiction treatment center. Consider a few of the most important elements underlying our program:



Addiction Now maintains rigorous confidentiality. It helps us create a safe and caring atmosphere at our Newport addiction recovery facility. As clients undergo closely supervised detoxification and individualized treatment programs, they require a comfortable environment where they can communicate honestly.


We offer individualized treatment programs. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Newport implements dual diagnosis mental health treatment. A program benefiting one client may not suit another. We make every effort to tailor our treatment programs in order to provide the assistance required by each client. This focus on the needs of the individual seeks to address the root causes underlying addictive behaviors.


Our drug rehab clinic in Newport also seeks to provide a strong, helpful community network for every client within the rehab facility. This process permits every client to help others within an extended support group. Although we offer many varieties of aftercare, this resilient community ultimately assists our clients over the long term. The benefits obtained from detoxification and treatment will continue during aftercare.

Further Information

If you believe your loved one might benefit from participating in our drug rehab center in Newport, Arkansas and its programs, we’d like to invite you to contact us to receive further information. Addiction Now is a network of rehab centers. Let us assist your loved one in obtaining a happier, healthier future by helping you with your addiction!

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