Alhambra Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We are committed to providing clients who attend our Alhambra, California substance abuse treatment clinic with access to the addiction recovery support they deserve. For this reason, we work hard to ensure every client who attends our recovery program gets a customized plan for recovery which provides them the treatment they need. The strategy for treatment that will best serve the needs of one client may not necessarily be the care that is needed by another. For that reason, we ensure every client who enrolls in the addiction recovery program we provide gets the specific support that will best help them reach their goals.

At our Addiction Now drug detox clinic, we work hard so that we can be sure that every client who enrolls in our program gets the specific care they need. For many of those who enroll in our substance abuse recovery program, supervised detox is a necessary part of treatment. During supervised detox, clients will get the chance to purge the remnants of substance abuse from their bodies. This process is necessary for recovery, but it may lead to the client experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal. Fortunately, supervised detox provides our staff with the chance to ensure the client gets the care they deserve.

When a client struggles with a co-occurring mental health disorder, achieving their goals for recovery can present an additional challenge. In instances like this, the client can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis provides our staff with the opportunity to ensure that a client who struggles with both a co-occurring disorder and addiction gets the necessary support to overcome both conditions. This is the most effective way to ensure a client in this situation gets the chance to achieve and sustain their goals for recovery.

During your journey to recovery, it is essential that you are honest with the staff here at Addiction Now. Because we want you to have the most effective treatment possible during your time in our Alhambra, California addiction recovery program, we want you to be honest both with our friendly professionals and with yourself. We know that it will only be possible for you to be completely honest with our experienced staff if you respect them, and for that reason, we will endeavor to answer any question you may have for us. We know that telling you to do something and not having a reason is a shortcut to ensuring that you will be unable to respect our staff. We will endeavor to provide you with a reason for everything we recommend for you, because anything less would be extremely disrespectful.

When you have graduated from our Alhambra, California drug rehab center, you will take the next step on your recovery journey. Wherever your path to recovery leads, you will have the confidence that comes with ongoing support. That’s because our professional staff will provide you with a plan for aftercare treatment that will be just as customized as any other aspect of your recovery program here at Addiction Now.

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