Antioch Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Life is fast-paced and stressful. It is all too common for someone to fall into a behavioral pattern of using drugs. It may begin with a prescription that becomes a crutch. It may begin as recreational use. It may begin with drinks at parties. But the fact of it is all too quickly a person becomes addicted and will begin to affect their daily lives. This is when it is time to get help from an Addiction Now addiction recovery facility. This process of withdrawing can take a few days or a few weeks to get the chemicals out of the client’s system. During this time at the drug rehab center in Antioch, California, detox will be supervised to ensure the person is as comfortable as possible. We will form a plan to help with the other parts of stopping the addiction.

This kind of facility uses the highest level of care to help the client safely detox in a professionally monitored setting. Supervision while going through is important not only physically but to monitor the mental state of the client. Nearly half the people who come to our Antioch drug rehab center are going through an additional underlying mental health concern that contributes to the addiction. If necessary, the client will go through dual diagnosis mental health treatment to treat the mental health aspects of addiction.

While it may be possible to stop using the substance at home, it is often unsuccessful. The substance abuse treatment facility in Antioch can help the client understand this part of addiction, including that it is not only a physical craving. The personal plan for the client is different for each person since the frequency, type of drug, and amount of drugs used can be different from another person. The withdrawal experience is different for each client, but what is not different is the level of supervision, care and resources to equip the client for daily life in sobriety.

Our addiction recovery center in Antioch helps clients interact with other clients in group settings to talk about their problems and learn how this behavior can be stopped. Then we have one-on-one therapy to talk out issues and provide tools to use so when the client returns home they can avoid falling into the same behaviors. While you’re going to our drug rehab clinic in Antioch, the client can get the treatment they need in a safe, comfortable environment.

When you come to our addiction treatment center in Antioch, the client will have a personalized treatment plan designed to fit your needs to get off of the drugs and remain sober. This is why it will be approached on two fronts: the physical dependence and the mental disorder with therapy and group counseling. With these tools, the client will be educated to best overcome addiction. This will include aftercare, which can be attending a group therapy program. This kind of group often has someone that will become a mentor to help the newly sober people through what may be difficult times. These are often referred to as 12-Step programs. At the addiction treatment clinic in Antioch, California professionals realize that while the client has been insulated from daily life, returning home they will face issues that may make the person want to use drugs again. This is why the education and tools to deal with this kind of urge are imperative. Call Addiction Now today to get started.

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