Citrus Heights Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Undoing the Effects of Drug Addiction

An inpatient stay at our drug rehab center in Citrus Heights, California is your best chance at turning your life around after a period of addiction. The Addiction Now substance abuse treatment program has all the elements that you will need to defeat addiction and reach recovery. Here’s a bit more information about how the process works, and how we weave together these fibers of recovery so that you can leave our care as a complete person who has taken control of your life.

Supervised Detoxification

Physical addiction is the first thing that you have to rid yourself of when you come to our Citrus Heights, California drug rehab clinic. We have a team of supportive staff members at our addiction treatment center who will supervise your detox and provide you with the essential tools that you need as you go through it. When you complete it, you’ll be able to begin the next stage of your journey to recovery.

A Positive Atmosphere

Our addiction recovery programs provide a fresh slate where you can start your life over without any interference from those who may have had a negative effect on your situation in the past. You’ll be strong enough to ward off such temptations when you have moved beyond our Citrus Heights, California addiction recovery facility.

Meaningful Activities

Habit can become a problem when one has a drug or alcohol addiction. We believe that our spectrum of activities provides residents with meaningful and enjoyable recreational and enrichment options. You may take part in such activities as outdoor exercise, sports, painting, movies, or writing. You will learn to replace drug-seeking activities with these more constructive activities over time.

Analysis and Relapse Prevention Strategies

We have trained specialists at our Citrus Heights, California substance abuse treatment facility who will take extra time you and go a little deeper than what appears on the surface. They will undergo the journey alongside you and try to find out what contributed to your addictive tendencies. Digging to the root will help the specialist come up with the best relapse prevention strategy.

Recovery doesn’t end when you walk out the doors of our Citrus Heights, California addiction recovery center. We set you up to overcome any possible temptation when you leave our addiction treatment clinic. We provide you with everything that you need so that you can maintain your recovery after you have graduated from the program at our drug detox clinic.

Recovery is waiting for you at our Citrus Heights, California substance abuse treatment center. You will start with a phone call and an initial meeting with us, so contact us now to begin your journey. When you are prepared to accept the assistance you need to achieve the goals that you have identified for your recovery journey, we hope you will consider accepting our help. Our friendly experts are standing by, and are prepared to offer you the guidance you deserve.

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