Costa Mesa Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Addiction Treatment Clinic in Costa Mesa, California

Drug addiction is a worldwide problem that has exploded in recent years. Twenty-one million people in the United States have a substance abuse problem as reported in 2015 by the Center for Disease Control. Since so many people are going through this prevalent issue in their life, what is the answer? How does a person overcome addiction? How do family members help someone they love who they are see spiral out of control?

Our drug rehab clinic in Costa Mesa, California is a proven leader in addiction recovery. We have a proven program to help clients beat addiction once and for all. As you learn more about our clinic, you will discover that we treat the whole person and their symptoms, not just the addiction. Our philosophy is one of hope. We provided experienced leadership for one client at a time.

The first step in the program at Addiction Now is the detoxification of drugs from the body. These chemicals negatively affect the way you think and how you feel. You will detox under the supervision and care of our trained staff. They will monitor you interminably as you go through the process of breaking free of drugs. The staff will also introduce new and healthy nutrients and lifestyle changes that will assist you in overcoming detox.

As our clients continue the treatment at our substance abuse treatment facility in Costa Mesa, they will be given practical and valuable skills to assist in their sober lives. Not only do we treat the issue of drugs, we address the patterns that have led you to addiction. We are a large community made up of specialists, recovering addicts, and counselors who can offer real life advice and guidance.

In our Costa Mesa addiction recovery center, the client will receive different types of therapy. This is part of our overall treatment plan. Customized therapy and goals are designed specifically for you with simple and straightforward steps in attaining them. Clients find that they have the freedom to be brutally honest about their addiction in the safety of our Costa Mesa addiction treatment clinic. Our supportive staff encourages clients to be completely open and honest about their life and addiction. These trained counselors have seen it all and will not judge you as you unburden yourself of your problems.

Family therapy is also an option for clients. We know that drug abuse affects the entire family, and we believe that your family is part of the solution. The drug rehab center in Costa Mesa is the place for this. Mentors will guide family members on how to support the changes in your life as you overcome addiction.

Clients are also cared for as they finish our program. We know that permanent change takes time and so we provide aftercare for our clients. Our addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa stands with you. We continue therapy sessions while counselors use check-ins and calls to stay in touch with you. We help you transition to your new life with the same support and expertise as when you first began the program. Success comes from continued communication with our addiction recovery facility in Costa Mesa, California to provide extended assistance when needed. Addiction Now believes in a long term commitment to our clients as they begin their new lives. Call us today.

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