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The Role of Rehab in Drug Addiction Recovery

Addiction comes in different forms. Reports state that 208 million people worldwide have a problem with drug addiction. In the U.S statistics show that around twenty million Americans have a drug problem. Today’s young people are more exposed to drugs and drug-related issues. Luckily, there has been an emergence of drug rehab centers that are playing a significant role in helping the afflicted.

The Role of Rehabs in Helping Recovering Patients

Drug addiction involves an uncontrollable urge to consume a particular drug. It is a chronic disease that brings negative changes to the functionality of the brain. Drug addiction requires a consistent therapy process, this is where our addiction treatment clinic in East Los Angeles, California comes in.

Our drug rehab center in East LA is committed to helping clients through the recovery process. We implement the necessary programs that allow customers to communicate with each other and feel safe. Our addiction treatment center in East LA offers supervised detox to our clients, which is perhaps the most important aspect of recovery. People detoxify to remove toxins from the body. Detox removes drugs from an individual’s system to eradicate the physical dependence and allow you to move on to long term therapy and further treatment.

Most people often go into withdrawal when they detox. However, to avoid cases of relapse, our drug rehab center in East LA ensures that the clients are supervised closely every step of the way. While under supervision, the client can go through the withdrawal process safely while a person is there to guide them. The environment is also safe and clean, which helps clear the mind.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Often people are only treated for substance abuse and not for their mental health. However, at our East Los Angeles addiction recovery facility, we screen every client for dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis involves the treatment of mental issues in addition to the drug problem. A lot of people fall into drug addiction due to underlying issues in their lives. Such matters may include depression, past traumas, anxiety and any other issue that may be exacerbating the person’s psychological well-being. Going through treatment without acknowledging these psychological problems may result in relapse at some point in future.

Our addiction recovery center in East LA encourages honesty among our clients. We ensure that the environment within the rehab is comfortable and safe for them. We also encourage the community within the East LA drug rehab clinic to work together and provide support among each other. In other words, this is an extended support group.

We understand that our clients have different needs and as a result, we offer an individualized treatment plan to meet the customer’s needs at a personal level. We ensure that our facility is at its best, and precautionary safety measures are taken.


Recovery is a process that involves assessment, detoxification, rehabilitation and the aftercare. At our substance abuse treatment facility in East Los Angeles, California, we offer these services to our clients.

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