Fullerton Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A Holistic Recovery Center

Who We Are

We are a drug rehab center, but we are so much more than that as well. Our clients come to us with not only substance abuse, but mental health disorders. We care for clients like our lives depend on it because there are lives at stake here. Addiction Now drug rehab centers are here for you. Our addiction treatment facility in Fullerton, California is a perfect place for you to get started. It requires great courage for each of our residents to admit they have a problem and commit to treatment. Therefore, it is our job to make that transition to success as easily as possible.

What We Do

At its heart, we simply care for people who have found themselves in a situation that is pervading their lives with no obvious direction out. That situation has most often taken control of their decision-making ability, which continues to harm them by preventing them from making better choices for themselves. The addiction treatment center in Fullerton can be that one way out. It can provide immediate, supervised detoxification for each client who enters our doors.

Why You Should Come

Our clients come to our addiction recovery center in Fullerton because of the safety and security of the facility. They know that they won’t be in harm when in our care and that they are far safer with us than in their homes.

Who You Find Here

Our clients and staff at our addiction recovery center in Fullerton are a community of souls here to protect each other from the dangers of the outside. The support group that exists inside either the Fullerton drug rehab clinic is the best they will find anywhere. Our clients come to rely on this support group as a major lifeline for them. The community also helps them. That way, the community grows and helps itself heal together.

What You Do Here

The people at our addiction recovery center in Fullerton speak honestly about their conditions once they are within the doors of our Fullerton addiction recovery facility. They speak openly with the other clients at the drug rehab clinic in Fullerton. If you cannot speak honestly when they arrive here, you will not heal. The pain of continuing addiction is stronger than the fear of getting help, so choose healing.

The Program

The programs you will encounter at the addiction treatment clinic in Fullerton are always tailored to your individual needs. That means each client receives individual attention while they are at the Fullerton addiction treatment clinic.

Our Holistic Approach

We use a whole person approach in our therapy at our substance abuse treatment facility in Fullerton, California. This means it includes a dual diagnosis mental health treatment where one part of the treatment handles the immediate issue, the addiction, while the second part deals with the longer term underlying causes of that issue. Our clients find that approach at our substance abuse treatment facility in Fullerton and enables them to reclaim their lives in a faster, more complete manner than they may have experienced before.

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