Hemet Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Upon your enrollment at our Hemet, California drug rehab center, you’ll take part in an interview that will survey a number of different topics. This intake interview will be of paramount importance for your journey to recovery. Why is this the case? Our intake staff will work closely with you to be sure that you get the specific treatment you need in order to successfully reach your recovery goals. Regardless of how your addiction may have begun, we can provide you with the guidance necessary to achieve the goals that you have set for your personal recovery.

Why is it of such great importance to be sure we are providing every client with a customized plan for addiction recovery treatment? It’s because we know that clients who enroll at our Hemet, California substance abuse treatment center will each need different strategies to achieve recovery. At Addiction Now, our friendly and professional experts recognize that every client will have a singular set of requirements during their time with us. Because we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the specific care they need, we will work hard to personalize their plan for treatment. We work hard for every client.

Some of the clients who enroll at our Hemet, California drug rehab center are attempting to overcome addiction while struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Since we want to offer clients in this situation sufficient support to achieve their goals, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment to clients with a co-occurring mental health disorder. These allows our staff the chance to provide those clients who are in this complicated position with a way to achieve their goals. No matter what co-occurring mental health disorder is plaguing the client, dual diagnosis mental health treatment can get them the care they need.

One of the essential elements of the substance abuse recovery program we offer at our Hemet, California drug rehab center is supervised detox. During the process of detoxification, those toxic remnants of substance abuse which have been left behind in the wake of addiction will be thoroughly purged from your system. While these remnants are being taken care of, it is possible that you may experience the symptoms of withdrawal. When you are participating in the Addiction Now supervised detox program, you can be confident that our friendly professionals will provide you with the support you need during this critical period.

When you have graduated from our Hemet, California drug rehab clinic, you will take the next step on your journey to recovery. While you may find that you are nervous about the next stage of your journey, we will bolster your confidence by offering you a customized plan for aftercare support. Just like the plan for treatment that we will provide for you during your time at our Addiction Now drug detox clinic, your aftercare support schedule will be personalized for your individual needs. We want you to know that our staff will be by your side for the entirely of your journey to recovery, even after you have left our drug addiction recovery clinic.

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