Inglewood Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When you decide that you are ready to leave your addiction behind, you have taken the first step towards a better future. However, while it is laudable that you have recognized that you have an addiction problem, you should never try to detox alone. Doing so is a path that is fraught with danger. When you’re ready to overcome your addiction, you should consider our Inglewood, California drug rehab center. In many instances, getting the help you need at an addiction recovery clinic is the best way to successfully reach recovery.

Why Supervised Detox is Better

For many of the clients at our Inglewood, California drug rehab clinic, they have a problem and the only way to sort out the issue is to visit our addiction recovery facility. Keep in mind that withdrawing from addiction can be dangerous. By affording our clients supervised detox, we can give them a better shot at overcoming addiction.

What Symptoms Can Supervised Detox Alleviate?

A detox supervised by an expert can provide comfort and help the client when they need it. At our Inglewood, California drug detox center, professionals who have experience in dealing with withdrawal will provide clients with the right care that you need to get over your problem.

Why Dual Diagnosis is Important

For some clients, the addiction issue is occurring alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder. At our Inglewood, California substance abuse treatment facility, you will get to understand what co-occurring mental health issues might be contributing to your substance abuse. As a result, the client will receive treatment both for their drug problem and for the underlying medical condition thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This helps to reduce the chances of a relapse occurring.

An Addiction Recovery Center is a Safe Space

Our Inglewood, California drug detox center is crafted provide clients with an environment devoid of triggers. Thus, you will have the peace of mind to get over your addiction in peace, without being under undue pressure.

Community Support

At our Inglewood, California addiction treatment clinic, you will have access to group therapy and a community of people who are in similar situation as yours. These people will not judge you. They will encourage you and share their stories and wisdom with you. No matter how it is that you first became entangled in addiction, we can provide you with the tools you need to defeat substance abuse and gain control of your life once again.

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