Lake Forest Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Where can you turn to get the assistance you need to overcome addiction in Orange County, California? If you are struggling with addiction and prepared to accept the support you need in order to reach your goals for recovery, we hope that you will consider the help that we can extend to you here at Addiction Now. When a client enrolls in our Lake Forest, California substance abuse treatment clinic, we work exhaustively to ensure that they are able to receive the treatment that will prove to be most effective in helping them attain their goals for recovery.

The support that we can provide to a client will vary based on the needs of the individual. For something like half of the clients who enroll in the Addiction Now substance abuse recovery program, it is necessary to take part in dual diagnosis mental health treatment. When a client who struggles with a co-occurring disorder receives the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment, they are exponentially more likely to achieve their recovery goals. When a client who is attempting to cope with a co-occurring mental health disorder does not enjoy the support available through dual diagnosis mental health treatment, they will be at greater risk of relapse.

How does dual diagnosis mental health treatment ensure that clients who enroll at our Lake Forest, California substance abuse treatment center get the care that they deserve? By providing adequate treatment not only for the substance abuse, but also for the co-occurring disorder. When a client with a co-occurring disorder only receives treatment for the addiction, they run the risk of returning to substance abuse after leaving the drug rehab clinic. This is because a person in this position may find they still experience the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder, and may attempt to self-medicate.

When we provide a client with dual diagnosis mental health during their time at our Lake Forest, California drug detox clinic, they will be much more likely to maintain their recovery after leaving our facility. By providing adequate treatment for both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction, our clients will be in a much better position to sustain recovery for the long haul. If you have a co-occurring disorder, you may not be aware of it, but our knowledgeable experts will provide screening services for any possible disorders during intake.

Upon your graduation from the Addiction Now addiction recovery program, our friendly staff members will provide you with a plan for aftercare treatment that has been tailored to your personal needs. The aftercare plan you are given will be personalized, just like the rest of the treatment we offer you during your time with us. No matter where your path to recovery goes after your time in our Lake Forest, California drug rehab center, you will continue to enjoy the support of the qualified professionals at our substance abuse treatment clinic. We are committed to the success of our clients.

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