Lakewood Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Focus on Recovery at a Professional Drug Detox Clinic

Becoming addicted to drugs may have been one of the last things you ever thought would happen to you, but it’s something you may have been going through for a while now. If addiction has taken over your life and caused you to lose out on relationships with loved ones, we can help at our Lakewood, California substance abuse treatment center.

It is possible that addiction has completely made a mess of everything you’ve ever known, you may be ready to reach out for help. If you’re ready to accept the support you need, visiting our Lakewood, California drug rehab center is a must. You’ll receive professional help from people who care and want to see you make improvements. In fact, you should consider a stay at our Addiction Now drug rehab facility. We treat our clients with respect while coming up with individualized treatment plans for each of them.

Know What to Expect

If you’re thinking about coming to our Lakewood, California drug rehab facility to get started on the addiction recovery process, you should know what to expect in advance. One of the main aspects of our program involves supervised detoxification. We want to help you get the substances out of your system so that you can function the way you did before drugs became part of your life. Detox is a crucial step during the recovery process, but it can be a challenge to take. Detoxing your body can be a challenge, but we’re going to make sure you get through it at our drug detox clinic.

Aside from supervised detox, we provide various treatment options for clients. We even offer dual diagnosis treatment because many of our clients suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders, some of which may not have been properly diagnosed before. Co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction often go hand in hand, and we want to make sure you’re getting help for any of the problems you might have. We include dual diagnosis treatment during our addiction recovery program in Lakewood, California because we believe it benefits the clients who trust in us to provide them with the best care during this fragile time.

Receive Reliable and Professional Care

Throughout your stay at our Lakewood, California substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll have someone there to answer questions, offer support, and work with you on a daily basis to monitor your progress to make sure you’re feeling positive about your recovery journey. Some days may be easier than others, but it’s important for you to remember not to give up and to believe in your ability to change.

Admitting you need help because of an addiction is something you should be proud of right now. If you can admit you need help, you’re already making progress and are getting a great start on the road to recovering from your addiction. Now that you know you need help, you can visit our addiction recovery facility to get back on your way. During your time at our Lakewood, California addiction treatment facility, you’ll receive treatment and participate in various programs that are made to help you achieve success.

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