Merced Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Overcoming Addiction at an Addiction Recovery Facility

Do you need help defeating addiction? You may want to get assistance but are afraid of taking the first step because you don’t know where to turn. The Addiction Now substance abuse recovery program is available for individuals who are struggling with addiction and want quality support. If you want to go through the recovery in a private location where you’ll get all the attention you need while taking the necessary steps to beat addiction, a stay at our Merced, California substance abuse treatment facility is something for you to consider. Our staff members care about your well-being and are ready to help you get clean.

Taking the Right Steps to Overcome Addiction

As you may already know, there are certain steps that should be followed to ensure a successful recovery. One of those steps is detoxification. During this process, your body will purge the remnants of substances you had been taking regularly. This cessation may cause you to experience some of the symptoms of withdrawal, depending on your personal situation. The side effects may be a challenge, but we’ll do what we can to keep you feeling comfortable when you’re at our Merced, California drug detox clinic. We know this is step can be a challenge, but we believe in your ability to get through it and to achieve success with the Addiction Now addiction recovery program.

Evaluating Your Mental Health

Once you’ve gone through the detox phase, we’ll evaluate your mental health to determine if there are some co-occurring mental health disorder you’re suffering from. When a co-occurring mental health disorders isn’t diagnosed, it can lead to complications during recovery. At our Merced, California drug rehab facility, dual diagnosis mental health treatment is an integral part of the recovery plan we provide to those who struggle with a co-occurring disorder.

Plenty of Support Is Provided

When you’re trying to overcome addiction, you need to have genuine support. Even if you’re not receiving support from your loved ones, you’ll receive plenty of support from staff members and other clients at our Merced, California addiction treatment facility. Group therapy is offered to clients who’d like to socialize and hear stories from others while learning new ways to live life and have fun without substance abuse. Each person at the Addiction Now addiction treatment center is there for you, and having that extra support could make you feel a lot better about getting through your recovery journey.

Receive a Unique Treatment Plan

Each client has their own experiences and reasons for trying drugs in the first place. We want your addiction recovery to go as smoothly as possible. We provide unique treatment plans for each client. We’ll get to know you by asking a series of important questions. As we start finding out a lot more about you, we’ll devise a treatment plan that will give you the best shot at having the most success possible. Our staff members here at our Merced, California substance abuse treatment facility want you to succeed, and want you to continue living a sober life long after you’ve left the facility.

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