Mountain View Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Helping a Loved One with an Addiction to Drugs

Is one of your loved ones having a hard time in life as a result of addiction? You probably watched this person change drastically over time as a result of the drugs they were using. If the person has confided in you about needing help to put a stop to the addiction, there is a chance you’re searching for ways to provide that help.

At our Mountain View, California substance abuse treatment center, we believe in working directly with our clients to help them fight addiction and win the battle that has caused them so much strife in the past. Our substance abuse treatment facility provides services for people who want to reach their recovery goals.

Detox Done Right

We make sure the detoxification phase is done correctly. When an individual wants to stop using drugs, they need to go through this phase to purge the remnants of substance abuse from their bodies once and for all. Staff at our Mountain View, California drug rehab facility keep a careful eye on clients, monitoring them throughout the day and night to ensure they’re doing as well as they possibly can while they’re going through the essential process of detox. The process takes some time and there are moments when your loved one may not feel so well, but our staff is consistent and will remain helpful the entire time.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is Provided

We offer dual diagnosis treatment so that clients with co-occurring mental health disorders can get the help they need. Clients can come to us and speak honestly about what they are experiencing with the confidence that our Mountain View, California substance abuse treatment clinic can offer them the support they need.

In addition to the dual diagnosis treatment for those suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder, we provide different forms of therapy, including group therapy. Rather than feeling isolated, clients can get extra support from one another while attending group therapy meetings and discussing all different kinds of topics, including their personal thoughts and feelings on addiction. We believe our clients have a better chance of succeeding during their time at our Mountain View, California addiction recovery program if they’re feeling the love and support from others on a constant basis.

Safe and Private Place to Get Clean

Our drug rehab facility is completely safe. We provide a secure and private area for each of our clients to go through the process of detox and the various necessary forms of therapy. The staff members at our Mountain View, California addiction recovery facility work as a team to provide quality care to the people who place trust in us and believe in us to help them kick the bad habit of using drugs to suppress feelings.

We regularly provide guidance our Mountain View, California addiction treatment center. We want our clients to have positive support in their lives. Our staff is here to provide the support our clients deserve.

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