Murrieta Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Treatment Options

Alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable conditions. The Addiction Now substance abuse treatment facility in Murrieta, California believes in treating the whole person throughout the arduous recovery process. We begin this process by offering supervised detox process. Clients are monitored during the detox phase as we assess throughout treatment in order to rule out any contributing conditions and diagnose others. If we find mental health issues that complicate the treatment process, we will provide the proper treatment from our team of professionals.

Once we have completed a thorough assessment, we can recommend a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to the client. Our Murrieta addiction recovery center provides several treatment options. Some clients need 24-hour supervision in a community environment over several weeks or months. Other clients with less physical dependence only require weekly visits. Our drug rehab center in Murrieta offers a variety of treatment programs to serve the needs of individual clients.

For clients who are going through an early stage addiction, we provide weekly group sessions over several months. You may also attend these sessions after you leave our facility initially for aftercare. The outpatient group gives clients the ability to continue working and living at home while they receive treatment for substance abuse. There are also two different outpatient treatment programs.

The addiction treatment clinic in Murrieta also offers an intensive outpatient program. Intensive outpatient provides clients with an opportunity to receive group and individual counseling sessions several times a week. Inpatient follows a specific curriculum focused on teaching clients about the disease of addiction, how to identify and cope with triggers, goal setting, how to identify and cope with grief, anger management, and other skills that help a person on the road to recovery.

The Murrieta addiction treatment center offers those struggling with a substance abuse problem a wide variety of treatment options, including the ability to stay in the community and learn how to function in daily life. We offer counseling, therapy, and professional rehabilitation services. Additionally, we encourage all of our clients to attend group meetings.

Twelve step meetings are helpful support groups. Peer support and the value of helping others with similar experiences are very powerful. Our drug rehab clinic in Murrieta, California offers individual and group therapy to help people get on with their daily lives, however lasting recovery requires long term planning and support. Support groups can be an excellent source of encouragement. We help our clients focus on recovery and making healthier choices as they grow into their new lives. Don’t wait any longer. Call Addiction Now today to get started on your new life.

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