Orange Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Addiction Recovery Center in Orange, California

Drug abuse is an issue that millions of people have to deal with on a daily basis. With these kind of numbers, drug dependency is a relevant and urgent problem across the United States. What can you do if you or someone you love is facing this problem?

One of the most proven solutions to drug addiction is the drug rehab center. Our addiction treatment center in Orange, California, is focused on finding answers to your challenges. Addiction Now is a network of drug rehab facilities providing successful programs for our clients. People going through this always have to deal with the stigma surrounding addiction, but at our addiction recovery facility in Orange, we ensure the complete privacy and confidentiality. Our staff is dedicated to making you feel comfortable so that you feel the freedom to address issues speak freely.

One of the first steps in the process of drug rehabilitation is detox. Detoxification is required to remove any harmful chemicals from your body that can change the way you think or behave. One of the advantages of a drug rehab clinic is that we are able to supervise your detoxification process. We carefully monitor your progress and provide options to ease the side effects.

Another positive thing about an Addiction Now substance abuse treatment facility is that you are given many different types of therapy to help you heal during all the phases of your life. Our staff is trained to meet with you individually and set private and attainable goals. We attain this through one-on-one therapy, cognitive therapy and new strategies for a happy and healthy life.

Here at Addiction Now, we realize that we are not just treating a disease but a person with complex needs and a unique situation. We also know that you need practical skills and lessons to help you replace what isn’t working in your life. Our ultimate goal is to help you transition back into your life and help you succeed in sobriety and life.

We also provide family therapy because we realize that drug abuse affects more than just the person who is addicted. It affects everyone close to you and can cause trauma for everyone as they struggle to cope. Our Orange addiction recovery center is a safe place for you to start over with a healthy life.

As you become ready to leave our addiction treatment clinic in Orange, we will assist you with every phase of the process. We provide you with strategies for coping with real life situations. Our care does not end when you leave. We are still here for you with continued therapy and phone visit check-ins. We will also provide follow ups and support as you need it.

So, if you are struggling to deal with a drug addiction or if you have a family member who you are worried about, call us at our drug rehab center in Orange, California. We will provide you with a complete team of specialists who have a proven record of success in this field. You will find a caring and skilled place to finally start over with a new life.

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