Pleasanton Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are searching for the support that you deserve in order to push back against addiction and begin working your way down the path to recovery in earnest, you deserve the support that’s available at our addiction recovery treatment center in Pleasanton, California. No matter what type of help you might need in order to achieve your goals for recovery, our friendly and well-trained staff is here to extend the benefit of their experience to you. By working closely with each individual client and ascertaining what tools they need to successfully attain recovery, we can be sure that we are providing our clients with the high quality care they deserve.

One of the most important elements of treatment we have available to us at our Pleasanton, California drug detox clinic is our supervised detox services. The process of detox is essential during a client’s recovery journey. This is because the process of detox allows your body to purge the toxic remnants of substance abuse from your system as the outset of your journey to recovery treatment. We carefully examine the situation and do everything in our power to make the journey through detox as comfortable and manageable as possible.

About half of those clients who attend our Pleasanton, California substance abuse treatment clinic are in need of the support that comes from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. When a client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, they run the risk of returning to substance abuse after leaving an addiction recovery program, even if they receive adequate treatment for their addiction. This is because clients in this category are struggling with a co-occurring disorder, and if they do not receive the treatment they need for both the disorder and the addiction, they may return to substance abuse in an attempt to self-medicate the co-occurring disorder symptoms.

When a client enrolls in the addiction recovery program we offer at our Pleasanton, California drug rehab center, they will have access to a plethora of possible recovery strategies. This will ensure that the client gets the help that they need to overcome their specific issues. By providing every individual client with a plan that has been personalized, we can exponentially improve the quality of care we offer to those who attend our addiction recovery program. Whether a client can better benefit from more traditional treatments or more holistic strategies, we can offer the necessary support.

Every client who graduates from the addiction recovery program at our drug rehab center in Pleasanton, California will be provided with an aftercare treatment plan when they leave our facility. This will give them the peace of mind that accompanies knowing that an entire staff is behind you to support you during your recovery journey. No matter what specific support it is that you need to achieve recovery, we will provide it for you. Contact the friendly experts at Addiction Now at your earliest convenience to begin your journey to recovery.

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