Redwood City Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are as many different explanations for addiction as there are individual people, and at our Redwood City, California substance abuse treatment facility, we recognize this. It is not always easy to admit to yourself that you need support to achieve recovery. Because we are utterly dedicated to the success of our clients here at Addiction Now, we work hard to make the journey to recovery as manageable as possible for those who enroll in our drug detox center. The treatment that you need to reach your goals for recovery is not necessarily the same treatment that another client at our drug rehab center will need. To circumvent the consequences of this fact, we provide every single one of our clients with a personal recovery plan.

When you arrive at our Redwood City, California drug rehab clinic, you may find that you are nervous about the start of your recovery. We can assure you that there is no reason for you to feel apprehensive. The friendly and experienced staff at our addiction recovery center will work hard to provide you with the support you need as you journey toward your goals for recovery. We know that every client can best benefit from different strategies for treatment, and in order to be sure that all of our clients get the care they deserve, we work hard to provide support for every unique situation.

The treatment which will best benefit your personal situation will vary based upon your personal needs. In order to accommodate the widest possible spectrum of client needs, we provide a fully complement of treatment options for those who enroll in our addiction recovery program. This will include more holistic treatments, such as yoga, and in some instances, art therapy. Whatever strategy will best serve your needs, we will not hesitate to provide it to you.

In addition to more holistic strategies for treatment, we also provide those more traditional strategies for recovery support. Included among these is group therapy sessions. During group sessions, you will get the chance to work closely with your peers here in our Redwood City, California drug rehab center. During group sessions, you will listen as your peers describe their experiences, and tell you the lessons that they have learned during their journey. You will then get the opportunity to share your wisdom and stories. Group sessions are essential, and can help properly distribute the work that must be done during the recovery process. If too much responsibility falls to one individual while others shirk their duties, the consequences can be disastrous.

When you have graduated from the Addiction Now substance abuse recovery program, we will offer you a plan for aftercare treatment. This plan will be customized to ensure that you get the ongoing support that you deserve as you continue your recovery journey beyond the walls of our Redwood City, California substance abuse treatment clinic. Recovery is a journey that requires you to work to accomplish your goals, but our friendly experts will get you the help you deserve.

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