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Dual Diagnosis

Chemical dependency on a drug is a serious, chronic brain condition. Around half of those suffering from a substance abuse problem also have a co-occurring mental health issue that needs to be addressed. When a person has both substance abuse and mental health issues, it is called co-occurring, or a dual diagnosis. Our drug rehab center in Richmond, California offers a safe place to get the treatment you need.

In the late 1990s it was very hard to find a substance abuse treatment facility that offered simultaneous treatment for addiction and mental illness. In some cases, an addiction recovery facility would even refuse to treat people with a dual diagnosis. Fortunately there was a paradigm shift and the field realized the importance of recognizing how depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions affect people with a substance abuse disorder; treating both conditions is a must.

Our Richmond addiction treatment center is proud to offer thorough dual diagnosis treatment. We provide our clients with the best opportunity for long standing recovery by offering personalized treatment for their chemical dependency issues as well as any mental health or psychiatric disorder.

Accurate diagnosis of a substance abuse disorder and mental health condition is essential. Our addiction treatment clinic in Richmond provides personalized treatment plans for each client. Treatment begins when we obtain a thorough history of the person’s health and assess it so we know how to help our clients. Assessing strengths and vulnerabilities allows us to work with clients to continue building their strength and make strategic plans to cope with potential triggers.

Detoxification is a critical phase in the treatment process. Those with an addiction have a variety of experiences when they go through detox depending on what they were abusing. Withdrawal symptoms vary according to the drug. Our drug rehab clinic in Richmond offers supervised detoxification to aide our clients as they go through this trying phase of treatment. People who feel supported and cared for during detox have an easier time adjusting to the rehabilitation process overall. If detox is done in an insecure environment with little concern for a person’s physical and emotional well-being, it sets the tone for the rest of the rehab experience. Supervised detox is extremely important. Supporting clients through this time is very important to us.

Clients with a dual diagnosis face unique challenges during detox. Anxiety and depression are withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. The average person will experience increased anxiety. It is important to closely monitor such individuals during this time so we are able to decipher withdrawal and mental illness. It is important to distinguish between the two so we can provide adequate treatment for both.

Our addiction recovery center in Richmond, California helps people every day with chemical dependency and mental health issues. We strive to support our clients through these most difficult times and look forward to seeing them stand on their own as they take these important steps on the road to recovery. Don’t wait, call Addiction Now today.

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