Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction can take a hold on almost anyone. It’s characterized by an uncontrollable need or compulsion to use drugs even if the person knows that there will be serious consequences. Thankfully, Sacramento drug detox programs are designed to help patients who may be addicted to alcohol, marijuana, heroin or methamphetamine. Our addiction specialists can assist teens and adults in searching for ways to recover. In addition to serving patients in Sacramento, our addiction specialists can also help people who live in surrounding areas, including Rosemont, La Riviera and Florin.

Sacramento Inpatient Drug Rehab

With an inpatient program, a person with a drug use disorder stays overnight in a safe, medically supervised facility during the rehab and detox process. The length of stay at a Sacramento inpatient drug detox center depends on the patient’s level of addiction. While some patients remain in treatment for a month, some may stay up to a year, or even longer based on their circumstances. The physicians assess each patient’s physical and mental health throughout the duration of the program. By having access to 24-hour assistance, patients with serious addiction problems are given a chance to start recovery.

Sacramento Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

For some people, outpatient programs that do not require overnight stay for an extended period are more feasible. Most outpatient programs last 30 to 90 days with the length of the program depending on a person’s individual needs. This is a more flexible option and makes it possible for a person with an addiction to have more personal time for things like repairing family relationships, searching for a job, or finding safe housing while going through treatment.

During intensive outpatient treatment programs, doctors can provide each patient with individualized counseling. This helps get to the root cause of the substance use disorder. Patients will work on strategies for healthy coping and avoiding situations that might trigger the craving to use addictive drugs. Group counseling can also be a part of intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs, which can help a person develop healthy methods of communication through interactions with others.

Sacramento Addiction Treatment Programs

Sacramento inpatient drug detox centers aim to curb addiction through medical supervision, therapeutic treatment and counseling. The methods used are based on research and are individualized to each patient’s unique situation. Doctors aim to identify the associations with substance use disorder that each person has developed. With proper medical care and therapy, patients can enjoy healthier alternatives and reduce the risk of a relapse. Drug counselors can also offer helpful connections in the community, such as life skill classes. The goal is to help individuals integrate into society without going back into a drug-using environment.

Anyone who needs help finding a Sacramento drug detox program can contact one of our addiction specialists. We can help people find the best treatment options for their needs.

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