Santa Clara Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For those struggling through drug abuse, Addiction Now and our drug rehab in Santa Clara, California. This is an addiction treatment center with adequate addiction recovery services where the primary goal is to treat and help clients recover from their physical drug addiction as well as the mental conditions associated with it. Addiction Now drug rehab centers also offer counseling services to both inpatient, outpatient and aftercare clients.

At the substance abuse treatment facility in Santa Clara, we also offer detoxification services to our clients. The detoxification process aims at eliminating the drug and completely disable its power over the body. This process can be uncomfortable. This is why you need the proper supervision and care. At Addiction Now our Santa Clara drug detox center provides supervised detox. A team of professionals, peers, and counselors help the client sustain recovery. The day to day lifestyle at our facility also helps show you how it is to live a drug-free life.

Addiction is both a mental and physical health condition. Diagnosing and treating it with the necessary methods is a staple at our Santa Clara drug rehab facility. It is therefore paramount to ensure the client gets a long-term treatment for lasting recovery. This dual diagnosis treatment program provides ultimate care to our clients.

We care for the safety of our clients. At our Santa Clara drug rehab clinic both the client and staff play a crucial role in ensuring proper security is maintained. They are provided with adequate addiction recovery and education on how to keep away from drugs. Together with the supervision of our esteemed staff at the Santa Clara addiction recovery center, safety is guaranteed. Sanitation and high standard are also maintained at our clinics. The client is always free to speak up whenever our services are not up to their standards.

At the Addiction Now drug detox clinic, we have a community-client program aiming to increase the effectiveness of the recovery process of the client. This program also aims to change the perspectives of our clients. Peers come from the surrounding and include clients at the addiction recovery facility in Santa Clara. They provide guidance and psychological support to current clients with the aim of stabilizing their health and mental status.

During the addiction recovery program, we treat each client according to their needs. However, there are four main pillars that apply to all clients. These are intake, detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare services. During the intake process, proper consultations are made to determine the correct treatment methods. Questions are the dominating factor in this stage. At the rehab facility, we perform diagnostic tests to determine the kind of treatment that suits the client best. Questions on family background and history are also asked. Cost of the treatment is determined and all the necessary arrangements made. During the detoxification stage, the drug is eliminated from the client’s body. The method and drug used highly depend on the quantity of the misused drug in the body.

Clients then continue to the rehabilitation and long term therapy stage. Here the client gets to know and understands the reason as to why have been struggling to get sober and what they can do to sustain it. Life without depending on drugs is worth it, you will see. Clients undergo therapy with the rehab facility staff, peers, and even family members.

The aftercare stage is the final step. Its duration varies from client to client. At Addiction Now, we make a regular follow-up to ensure our client attains the needed long-term solution and guidance on how to remain sober. Our experts will continue to help you until stability and a happy, healthy life is regained.

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