Temecula Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At our Temecula, California addiction recovery treatment center, we want to ensure our clients have the care they need to successfully reach their goals for recovery. Our drug rehab facility exists to help our clients to reach the goals they have set for addiction recovery. Our substance abuse treatment facility will help develop and design a customized program for each client, so they will have a clear path through detox, therapy, and their aftercare services.

Any client who is considering our Temecula, California substance abuse treatment facility should be aware that our drug rehab clinic is staffed with friendly, caring, and understanding people. We want every client to achieve their goals for recovery while staying in our drug rehab clinic.

Client at our Temecula, California drug rehab clinic will learn that the detox process is essential to the recovery process. Our trained counselors, nurses and doctors are experienced with addiction and can provide the support each client needs. The client will be able to speak openly with our rehab clinic staff about their addiction and their goals to stay clean.

Before supervised detox begins, the client is thoroughly examined by a professional to determine if any co-occurring disorder is present. While the client is going through the process of detox, a team of professionals will be carefully monitoring the status of their health.

Any co-occurring mental health disorder is treated alongside the addiction thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Any additional treatment can be provided by the staff at our Temecula, California addiction treatment clinic. Anyone who is close to client can relax knowing that the client will not have to endure the detox process on their own.

While attending our Temecula, California addiction recovery center, the staff makes the tools available for recovery. Support is always given to our clients. Our addiction treatment center can provide the support our clients need to conquer their addiction. Clients at our program learn how to recognize triggers, how to handle those complicated situations, and how to ask for help so they won’t have a relapse.

The drug treatment facility has a support system the client can utilize every day to help them maintain their recovery. Scheduling time to spend with people who can encourage the client by meeting with group therapy that can help the client with the support they need to maintain their recovery throughout their time with us here at our Temecula, California addiction recovery treatment center.

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