Tustin Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When It’s Time for Treatment for Addiction

The process of rehabilitation varies from person to person. Addiction recovery generally begins with supervised detox in our Tustin, California substance abuse treatment facility and moves on to different aftercare opportunities. While some clients return home shortly after detox, others move on to longer term residential care in a sober living community.

Supervised Detox is Your First Step of Recovery

Our Tustin, California addiction recovery program recognizes that being supervised during the detox process is the safest way to deal with withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse. Once you complete detox, you will be able to move on to the next stage of addiction recovery. Getting help is the best way to be successful in your recovery, while trying to doing it alone can prove to be dangerous.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in a Drug Detox Clinic

Treatment for addiction can be difficult, especially for individuals who struggle with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. Treatment at our Tustin, California addiction treatment facility offers dual diagnosis support, so that both the addiction and co-occurring mental health condition are addressed at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment is proudly offered by the professionals at our Addiction Now drug rehab center, located in beautiful Orange County, California.

What to Expect in our Drug Rehab Facility

When you enter our Tustin, California addiction recovery center, you will discover that the atmosphere provides a comfortable environment for you to work on your recovery. You will meet other clients in the Addiction Now substance abuse recovery facility, and hear stories from your peers working on their own recovery. You will get the opportunity to work with closely with a designated counselor, and you will attend group therapy sessions to talk about the effect addiction has had on your life.

Community Within our Addiction Treatment Center

With clients focused on recovery at our Tustin, California addiction treatment center, support tends to develop naturally. The community within the Addiction Now drug rehab facility grows as everyone shares important stories about themselves as part of group sessions. Peer support is very valuable as you work on your recovery. The people you meet while in recovery will be your support network when you return home.

Honest Interactions Improve Your Recovery

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may be used to lying as a means to hide your addiction. Honesty is going to take you far while you are in treatment at our Tustin, California drug rehab center, as you won’t get the help you need if you don’t tell the truth. While you don’t have to talk about things that make you uncomfortable, opening up in treatment will help you stay sober.

How a Customized Treatment Plan Helps

When you begin your journey into recovery, you will work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan. Together you will talk about your goals and how you want to achieve those goals. Your treatment plan gives you a guideline to follow as you navigate the world of recovery. If you want to change a part of your treatment plan, talk to your counselor about potential changes. This is a document designed to help you get the most out of treatment.

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