Visalia Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A Multifaceted Approach to Drug Treatment

Addiction recovery is a difficult road to walk, particularly if you are feeling alone in your struggle. The Addiction Now drug rehab center in Visalia, California knows that this feeling of solitude can be problematic in a detox clinic setting. That is why our Visalia addiction treatment clinic greatly values the many healthy, proven, and multifaceted options for recovery while in treatment.

The process of rehabilitation can be as frightening as making the decision to admit oneself to a drug detox center to begin with. While the process from each addiction treatment facility may vary, there are constants that need to be observed. Detoxifying from the drug’s chemical toxins is the first step, and the most difficult. Being open and honest is highly recommended. The more candid you are, the greater your treatment will be. This will need to be the longest step if the treatment is maintained as part of a lifelong recovery that you stick with like glue.

Group therapy while at our Visalia substance abuse treatment facility helps to bond detox clinic clients in a way that encourages growth and community. This is done through a supportive atmosphere of our Visalia addiction recovery center. To the employees at an Addiction Now drug treatment facility, our clients are more than just that; they are family.

To further promote growth while within the Visalia addiction recovery facility, a dual diagnosis screening is provided for clients to ensure that you have every aspect of your addiction acknowledged. Benefits of a dual diagnosis cannot be emphasized enough because they take focus off the substance abuse and takes into account the underlying conditions that lead to the dependency to begin with. By providing a dual diagnosis and focusing on the reasons for dependency, the effects of addiction treatment are long-lasting.

Supervised detox is provided at our drug addiction treatment facility in Visalia. Supervision while going through detox is the healthiest and best option because you will have professional and educated support to see you through to the end of the monitored detoxification process. You will receive support from fellow clients who can empathize with your detox experiences as well, which is vital to the continued cultivation of community support.

Addiction Now drug rehab clinics foster honesty in an open and supportive environment where nothing you feel is wrong. This honesty is your best option for obtaining an exclusive treatment plan that is accommodated for you with only your best interest in mind. After all, your treatment plan should be as unique as every person who walks through our doors. Call us today to get started with a free consultation at our drug rehab center in Visalia, California.

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