Lafayette Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Lafayette Inpatient Drug Rehab

Lafayette inpatient drug detox centers are ready to help anyone detoxify their body from addictive drugs. The inpatient detox centers in Lafayette have programs designed for people who want to overcome addiction in a safe and clean environment, living at the facility 24/7 while they undergo treatment with the help of full-time support staff.

The first step in a certified Lafayette addiction treatment will be to provide the patient with a detox period. This is carried out to cleanse the person’s body of any remaining drugs, whether it is alcohol, marijuana, meth and heroin, or another substance. Once a person has successfully detoxed, they can undergo rehabilitation treatments, working toward making a long-term change from a position of clear-minded sobriety. The programs are designed to help people overcome addictions to, and can help men and women, from teenagers to senior citizens, break free from drug addiction.

In addition to providing medical supervision to help patients through the physical aspects of drug detoxification, Lafayette inpatient drug detox centers will also support them emotionally and help them change their thought processes as they seek to break the cycle of dependence created by a substance use disorder. Each patient will learn a range of healthy coping strategies and methods of removing themselves from the environment where they may have been using drugs in the past. An inpatient program may last from 30 to 60 days, or sometimes longer, based on each individual’s needs and specific situation.

A physician who is experienced in treating addiction will supervise each individual case, and each patient will work with professionals who are experienced when it comes to helping people overcome an addiction. Daily counseling will help patients to sort through the feelings and emotions brought forth by a substance use disorders. When a person has completed an inpatient program, he or she will have the opportunity to continue their care with outpatient counseling and other supportive care services.

Lafayette Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Lafayette drug detox outpatient programs give people the chance to receive treatment without having to live at the facility. Each patient will develop strategies that will help them to avoid situations that could tempt them to use drugs again. These programs help make improvements in every facet of the participant’s life, from family and friendships to work, school and self-perception. They also help the patient to form strong and supportive relationships with others who will aid their efforts to be drug-free.

Addiction treatment programs help a person to explore managing pain without drugs, and learn how to thrive without addictive substances. If drug use began as a recreational endeavor, addiction treatment programs could help the person to develop a new way of thinking, as well as alternative ways of having fun so that relapse doesn’t become an issue.

Lafayette Addiction Treatment Programs

In addition to serving people in Lafayette, many Lafayette inpatient drug detox centers can also provide inpatient and outpatient drug detox to people living in Louisville, Erie and Superior. A Lafayette drug detox program gives patients the support that is needed in order to gain freedom from addiction. Once the drug or drugs are removed from a person’s body through detox, he or she will learn strategies for dealing with the cravings. Ongoing psychological support and social support through drug addiction treatment programs in Lafayette can provide anyone with the foundation that is needed to ensure a drug-free future.

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