Wheat Ridge Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For someone who’s become addicted to any kind of drug, whether methamphetamine or alcohol, one of the most effective ways of recovering is with the assistance of a Wheat Ridge drug detox and rehab program, which can help make the transition to lasting sobriety attainable. Addiction treatment programs in Wheat Ridge and Applewood have proven to be among the most effective solutions for people who want to leave behind severe cases of addiction. Understanding more about these programs and all of the types of treatments they include can be very helpful when selecting from the many Wheat Ridge inpatient drug detox centers that are available.

Wheat Ridge Addiction Treatment Programs

The first facet of any addiction program in Wheat Ridge, Arvada or Lakewood is detoxification. This is the process of ridding any drug from the body, including everything from heroin to cocaine. Unfortunately, when a person becomes addicted to a substance, the body and mind become dependent on it in order to function properly, which means that a wide array of withdrawal symptoms can present themselves when the drug is suddenly absent. Without help, these withdrawal symptoms can be very severe. They can lead to a wide range of additional health complications if not immediately addressed. The best way to reduce the severity of these withdrawal symptoms and safely overcome them is with the help of on-staff experts at a Wheat Ridge drug detox program.

Alongside detox programs, there are a variety of additional addiction treatment programs that will help to facilitate an eventual recovery from the worst aspects of drug addiction, whether the dependence is to heroin or alcohol. Most addiction programs include one-on-one therapy, group counseling, and family therapy.

Each of these behavioral therapies is designed to help someone recovering from an addiction get to the point where he or she no longer feels beholden to drugs and can envision living a life without drugs in it. The two basic forms of addiction treatment include inpatient treatment and outpatient rehabilitation, both of which offer their own unique advantages.

Wheat Ridge Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

An inpatient center will give the patient full-time live-in care at a treatment facility, while intensive outpatient care allows the individual to visit a facility on a regular basis. Intensive outpatient treatment provides the patient with the ability to stay at home and follow his or her own schedule while the treatment is ongoing, continuing with their normal lives and responsibilities while getting the help they need.

There are plenty of Wheat Ridge inpatient drug detox centers and outpatient centers from which to choose. Call our addiction specialists today to find the ideal detox program for methamphetamine or cocaine.

Wheat Ridge Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab in Wheat Ridge or Lakewood is among the most comprehensive forms of drug addiction treatment and is designed for those who are suffering from a severe addiction to any substance, including heroin and cocaine. Inpatient rehabilitation differs from outpatient treatment in that patients stay within the residential facility continuously until the treatment is concluded, which can be anywhere from a month to more than a year depending on the patient’s specific needs. Throughout treatment, both the staff and other residents recovering from an addiction will assist in helping the patient’s attitudes and behaviors towards their drug of choice change for good. To find the right drug rehab center in or around Wheat Ridge, contact us today.

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