Guilford Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Helping someone you love discover ways to break free from addiction can be a challenge. It’s so important when it comes to assisting a loved one with healing. One of the biggest challenges that adults struggling with addiction recovery face is learning that they aren’t alone. For many, dealing with addiction or substance abuse problems can be isolating. They may feel alone or that no one cares about them. Because of this, receiving treatment at a specialized addiction recovery center is a vital part of fully recovering from addiction.

What is addiction?

Addiction occurs when someone’s body forms a dependence on drugs or alcohol. Typically, addiction forms over time, and can sneak up on someone unnoticed. What may start as a glass of wine after work each night may spiral into drinking an entire bottle of alcohol.

It’s important to note that for many adults, addiction is so overwhelming because when certain people try to stop their addiction, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. This is another reason that it’s important to seek detox assistance at our Guilford, Connecticut addiction treatment clinic. The right substance abuse treatment facility can help clients detox safely and with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

What is dual diagnosis?

One of the primary benefits of seeking help at our Guildford, Connecticut addiction recovery facility is that clients can receive treatment for both an addiction and any sort of co-occurring mental health disorder they might be facing. For many adults, a co-occurring disorder and addiction go hand-in-hand, which means it’s even more important to seek assistance for the co-occurring disorder while receiving help for addiction. Receiving dual diagnosis treatment ensures that relapse possibilities are minimized and that clients can begin to move forward and live the lives they want to live.

What happens at a drug rehab clinic?

Our Guilford, Connecticut drug rehab center offers many benefits, including personalized care plans and an understanding community of people who understand exactly what it’s like to face addiction. At our addiction recovery center in Guilford, Connecticut, your loved one will be able to receive the help they need to break free from their addiction and move forward.

When a new client joins our center, they’ll receive a personalized treatment plan. This is because each client is unique. No two people are completely alike, so their treatment plans shouldn’t be alike, either. Your loved one’s treatment plan may include various types of therapy, including but not limited to group therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and personalized counseling.

Clients may choose to reside on-site for treatment, but outpatient therapy is also an option for clients who wish to continue working or living with their family during therapy. Additionally, all clients will receive assistance in learning how to identify their personal triggers that lead them to struggle. At our Guilford, Connecticut addiction treatment center, your loved one can begin to live the life they’ve always wanted. Why wait? Reach out today to find out how our center can help you.

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