South Windsor Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our South Windsor, Connecticut drug rehab center provides an effective and safe detox from drugs. Our drug rehab clinic helps you take the initial step son your road to recovery. Detox is vital for your body, as it clears your mind and provides your physical readjustment. For this reason, we always provide supervised detox at our South Windsor, Connecticut substance abuse treatment facility.

Why do you need supervised detox?

Prolonged drug abuse can increase the tolerance experienced by the user, causing them to desire higher doses on a regular basis. This can cause addiction and physical dependency, which can make it hard to stop using drugs. When one stops using drugs, there can be severe withdrawal symptoms.

At the same time, drug detox can be dangerous or ineffectual when conducted incorrectly. Therefore, at our South Windsor, Connecticut substance abuse treatment center, we perform a fully supervised and comfortable detox procedure by employing expert addiction professionals to conduct the procedure.

The client is given a customized addiction recovery program, which will be personalized to suit their preferences and needs. Our supervised detox program will be calibrated in deference to your personal history and individual preferences. Moreover, there are detox programs for different kinds of substance abuse.

Our South Windsor, Connecticut addiction treatment center located in a serene and enjoyable environment, to help bolster recovery. The facility is fitted with amnesties and luxuries that make sure you are comfortable during your stay. The client attention and care in our addiction recovery center are the best. The personalization and customization of services make every client’s experience unique and especially effective.

At our South Windsor, Connecticut drug addiction treatment clinic, you are assigned an addiction counselor who helps you work toward recovery. The counselors are always there to listen to any concerns you may have regarding your recovery, and help you readjust you customized treatment program as necessary. Individual therapy is a treatment that assists you to look at your personal issues and determine the best path to recovery.

We also afford our clients access to group therapy. With group therapy, you’ll meet with your peers in our South Windsor, Connecticut addiction recovery center, providing the opportunity to share your experiences and wisdom. Consequently, you’ll be able to see how your peers can provide you with a sober network for support during recovery.

Spiritual therapy is available for those who request it, and it helps clients identify their inner strength to help safeguard against substance abuse. During the program, you’ll receive a plethora of tools to use as you work toward recovery.

No matter how you came to addiction to begin with, our South Windsor, Connecticut addiction recovery center can afford you the opportunity to overcome. Get in touch with one of our addiction technicians today and learn how we can help.

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