Westport Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are a lot of people who are struggling with drug addictions. Many of them want to get sober and live drug-free lives, but do not know where to start. Addictive substances can take a hold over people, and it can be extremely hard to quit on your own. This is when the specialists at a Westport addiction treatment program can help. Having professional help through this process can make all the difference.

When choosing an addiction treatment program, it is important to pick one that suits a person’s specific needs. This will offer the best chance of a successful recovery. There are several different types of program out there for people in Westport, as well as those in nearby areas like Norwalk, Fairfield and Darien.

Every facility and program will offer something slightly different. The best way to choose a suitable program is to contact our specialists. In one phone call they will be able to assess an individual’s needs and give them the direction they need.

Westport Addiction Treatment Programs

The main types of treatment program are inpatient and outpatient. No matter what kind of program a patient enters, the first step is likely to be detoxification. This is the process of ridding the body of an addictive substance, while dealing with any withdrawal symptoms that arise. At a Westport treatment program, medication is a common tool that may be used to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Different medications are available depending on whether the patient previously used cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, heroin or another substance. Drug rehab doctors may continue to give patients medication as necessary to reduce cravings.

Addiction therapy is another popular treatment. During therapy sessions, the patient will learn ways to control their cravings moving forward. Addiction therapy can be done in a private or group format. Groups add an element of peer support.

There is a wide network of treatment options available, and our addiction specialists are ready to connect patients to the right programs. Whether you or a loved one is interested in Westport inpatient drug detox centers or outpatient programs, we’ll help in finding the right match to begin the road to recovery.

The first choice that must be made is whether a patient will enter an inpatient or outpatient program.

Staying in Westport Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

An inpatient drug rehab requires patients to live at the facility as they undergo treatment. The program length depends on the patient’s needs and the services provided by the facility they have chosen. The duration of treatments may range from a few weeks to several months.

Inpatient programs have a couple of key benefits. Most importantly, they allow the patient to stop using drugs and sustain sobriety while under the 24-hour supervision of the facility’s staff. The patient will also be away from his or her home environment, which has the added benefit of keeping them away from temptation while they focus on recovery.

Getting Westport Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Not everyone can drop their usual responsibilities to check into an inpatient facility. An outpatient addiction program allows patients to stay at home, but requires them to visit a facility regularly for therapy and treatment. Instead of staying on-site, they return to their everyday lives after they are done with their scheduled sessions for the day. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment involves the patient attending treatments frequently. They may visit the facility every day for hours. As the patient progresses and no longer requires intensive treatment, he or she will be able to taper down the frequency of visits.

Outpatient programs are helpful for patients who want to get treatment but can’t move into an inpatient facility due to having other responsibilities, such as a job or schooling.

Whichever option would work best, our specialists can help patients find a suitable addiction treatment program, allowing them to put an end to their substance dependency.

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