Birmingham VAMC - Oxford AL 36203

96 Ali Way Creekside Street Oxford AL 36203

The Birmingham VAMC, or Vascular Anesthesia Management Center, is one of a handful of facilities in the U.S. that offer this specialized type of anesthesia, which is often reserved for patients suffering from life-threatening conditions, such as heart attacks and strokes. Though it is not yet widely accepted in most clinics, the VAMC offers the latest advances in anesthesiology and advanced medical equipment to better manage your anesthesia treatments.\n\nThe Birmingham VAMC, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is managed by an independent board of the medical center’s staff, but all procedures are done under the direct supervision of the surgeons themselves. The center has two main floors, with each having different levels of care, but both have one common operating room. Patients are treated by physicians on a rotator cuff level, with general anesthesia being administered by a trained anesthesiologist. This is one of the newest levels of anesthesia available, since most patients undergo a combination of methods to obtain their desired result.\n\nThis center offers a wide variety of procedures, including cardiac arrest, head trauma, stroke, surgery, and more. Many of the patients who are treated at the Birmingham VAMC are not able to travel to other centers, so they receive the best possible treatment, in a location that gives them the most comfort. Many people choose the Birmingham VAMC as their preferred provider for anesthesia treatments, as the center offers a wide range of services for patients to choose from.

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