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Drug Rehabilitation is the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for dependence on intoxicating psychoactive substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and even street drugs like cocaine, heroin, or amphetamines. Treatment programs for drug addicts are focused on attaining abstinence from alcohol and other substances. The most common forms of drug rehab centers for recovering drug users include residential rehabilitation facilities and outpatient services. However, some people also need to attend hospital-based treatment facilities, if their drug addiction requires specialized treatment.

When a patient in a drug rehab center is suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, detoxification takes place. Detox is a process that aims at removing all traces of drugs from the body of the patient. This may also involve an individual undergoing psychological counseling in order to deal with his/her emotions and behaviors surrounding the drug use. Detox is not an option in every case. In some cases, the patient may require more intensive and prolonged treatment. However, detoxification can be a very effective process in cases where the patient has a strong will power and is committed to a life free from drugs. Detox can also help patients overcome their cravings and make them return to a drug-free life.

When a drug rehab center treats patients for substance dependence, they first determine the most appropriate method of treatment and provide it. The treatment programs available at various drug rehab centers can vary according to the severity of the case. Inpatient rehabilitation programs offer patients several benefits over outpatient therapy programs. Patients are often given medical assistance during their stay, and the treatment program can also include counseling sessions to cope with the emotional and behavioral aspects of the treatment. Patients in outpatient drug rehab programs also receive additional treatment if they suffer from other illnesses, or they have a history of substance abuse. This can help to prevent relapse in the future.

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