Sunrise Lodge - Russellville AL 35653

1163 Washington Avenue SW Russellville AL 35653

The Sunrise Lodge is a very famous site in Banff, Canada. It is one of the most visited sites by tourists from all around the world. Many people have reported that they actually get a real feeling of “being there”. This is especially true for those who are coming to Canada during their first trip to Canada.\n\n \n\nMost of the visitors prefer to stay in their own rooms while having lunch at the restaurant. But if you are staying in the conference room, you can also have lunch there. You will surely enjoy this place as it is really one of the best sites in Banff. There is something really interesting for everyone to do at the Sunrise Lodge. During your stay, you can either do some hiking on the Mountain Trail or can just enjoy the amazing view of the mountain. Whatever you are looking for during your stay in Banff, it is sure that you will find it at the Sunrise Lodge.\n\n \n\nAs the name suggests, the Sunrise Lodge is situated in Banff, where you will find the beautiful Rocky Mountains on a clear blue day. The hotel is also located close to the airport, so you will not miss your flight home in case you are coming to Canada for the first time. The place is located in the centre of Banff, which is the most popular and convenient location when it comes to accommodations in Banff.

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