Gassville Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Houses Parolees

who are living at the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center have a curfew and still wear ankle bracelets at all times so officers can track them.

He said that the parolees are housed for roughly 30 days but are allowed to stay for 60 more days.

Before the meeting, the conversion by OMART to a parolee only treatment facility was discovered inadvertently or abruptly. The Gassville police discovered the change one day when Tim Mayfield, the chief of police, was informed by an OMART employee that only members of the ACC could respond to the questions he had.  

After the meeting, Mayor Jeff Braim felt more content with the information that Hogan gave him in terms of how OMART was functioning. But he said he would like to see OMART include a sign outside of the facility indicating the type of services they offer and patients they care for.