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Get help fast from addiction

There are so many reasons that can encourage someone to seek help with substance abuse treatment. For people who have developed a dependency on alcohol or other drugs, the idea of being able to join an alcohol/drug rehabilitation program may seem like an attractive option. For most people, however, the thought of admission into a residential treatment center may be off-putting. Housing conditions in many drug rehab facilities are abysmal, along with chaotic schedules and constant supervision. For people who have already developed serious problems with substance abuse, the prospect of having to go through another chaotic week at a residential rehab facility may be too much to handle.

Substance abuse treatment programs are designed to help people overcome their addiction and return to society as productive, if not better, individuals. While this is very beneficial for people suffering from addiction, there unfortunately are far too many women who really need these services. For every 100 male recovering addicts, there is only 70 female recovering addicts. Thus, a significant barrier to anyone seeking help with substance abuse treatment is usually the social stigma attached to addiction. Women, who are more likely than men to be the victims of abuse, tend to be viewed by many as wholly responsible for their own recovery, thereby negating the possibility of a female rehab. This often leads to further discrimination and embarrassment.

Women tend to enter into rehab with increased levels of emotional stress, and that can make it more difficult to get help with substance abuse treatment. Women often enter rehab without having the support and resources needed to deal with the underlying issues that may have contributed to their addiction. In addition, many women find it more appealing to join in groups of other women, while still maintaining their own personal space and independence. These factors can make it even more difficult to get help with substance use disorder through a program designed for women.