Norwalk Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Substance abuse and addiction is a very serious issue. There are many individuals that want to overcome their addiction, but they need help to accomplish this very important life changing goal. With the right drug rehab facility support, the chances are considerably higher that a person can successfully break their substance abuse habit.

For safety reasons, it is never a good idea to try to break a bad habit on your own. Withdrawal symptoms are common, and support from a professionally trained staff is very important. When an individual is admitted into our addiction treatment center, their rehabilitation is of the utmost importance to the staff. All clients are fully monitored during the detox process. Our Norwalk, Iowa addiction recovery facility realizes that this is a very challenging step for our clients, and we will be here for them throughout the process to offer support and to make sure that they are safe throughout the process.

All clients will also take part in therapy sessions during their rehabilitation. Both individual and group therapy sessions are held on a regular basis. It must always be understood that every individual in our Norwalk, Iowa addiction recovery program is unique. However, each of these individuals have the same goal, and by helping and supporting each other it will increase the odds of each client overcoming addiction. All clients are expected to speak honestly during group sessions. This will help other clients support them with their struggles. Our drug rehab facility understands that in order for their clients to be honest they must provide a safe and secure environment. The safety and care of all clients is always the number one priority at our addiction treatment center.

An individualized treatment plan is put in place for every single client that is admitted into our substance abuse treatment facility. This is very important because every individual is different, and each have their own unique history. What works best for one person will not necessarily work best with another individual. Each client’s individual plan will cater to their needs.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment will be offered when a client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. What this means is that a person’s mental health will also be checked and treated if necessary. If a drug rehab center only concentrates on the substance abuse problem while the co-occurring mental health issues is left unmolested, the client is at a much greater risk of returning to substance abuse. However, treating both the substance abuse and the co-occurring mental health disorder at our Norwalk, Iowa addiction recovery center using dual diagnosis mental health treatment ensures the odds of a successful recovery significantly increase.

Once a client has graduated from the detox and rehab stages, they will take part in aftercare treatment. Aftercare treatment will help them clients recognize that our substance abuse treatment facility will continue to support them after they have graduated from the program. Whether aftercare treatment involves a halfway house or scheduled therapy sessions, it is of vital importance for a client to participate. The aftercare treatment will promote positive thinking and support a person to live the life that they want.

If you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse, you are encouraged to contact Norwalk, Iowa addiction recovery center. We are experts in the field of addiction recovery, and we are committed to helping our clients successfully reach their goals for recovery.

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