Farmington Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Overcome Addiction at our Drug Rehab Center

Addiction is dangerous condition that can create uncertainty and fear. The cycle of addiction can seem like an unbreakable loop, but there is hope. Our drug rehab center in Farmington, Maine provides the perfect place for those who are trapped in substance dependence.

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Farmington provides a safe haven for anyone who wants to turn their life around and begin working toward recovery. The facility itself provides a safe environment that helps the client feel at home. We staff only experienced professionals who are both skilled and compassionate.

Detoxing is the first step in the recovery process. Going through detox can be a scary and dangerous process, which is why it is important to be monitored by trained professionals. Not only will the staff at our Farmington addiction treatment clinic offer practical assistance through detox, but they can also provide emotional support for both the client and their family. This will help to assure that the process is both successful and safe.

The staff at our Farmington addiction recovery center will also have the ability to not only diagnose any co-occurring mental illness, but also be able to treat any co-occurring disorders thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Because co-occurring issues are often present in those who suffer from addiction, they must be dealt with along with the substance abuse and destructive behavior in order to provide a full recovery.

Our Farmington addiction treatment center will also provide a safe place for group therapy. Group therapy sessions are facilitated by a trained professional who helps all the clients feel comfortable within the group. This helps all participants to feel free to speak what is on their minds and what is in their hearts. Having a group of people who are in a similar place in their lives share their experiences can be of great comfort for those who are struggling with addiction and the resulting loneliness. The client will not only feel more comfortable discussing fears and concerns, but will also build friendships with others who are attempting to live a substance free life.

By helping the client open up their hearts, the trained professionals at our Farmington drug rehab clinic can create an individualized treatment strategy. Because no two people are alike, we make sure no two treatment programs are alike, either. Every client’s treatment plan needs to provide treatment for the individual and unique issues faced by each client.

Our Farmington substance abuse recovery center will continue to serve the client even after the initial program has been successfully completed. Aftercare is a vital aspect of the recovery process. Through a variety of different aftercare options (depending on an individual’s needs), the client will find that they can successfully maintain their recovery.

Our addiction recovery facility in Farmington, Maine is the smart choice for anyone who is struggling with the darkness of addiction. Recovery may seem out of reach, but with the helping hands at our addiction treatment center, anyone can attain the goal of a better life.

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