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Building Healthy Connections during Rehab

At our Commerce, Michigan addiction treatment center, we provide every client with a personalized recovery plan. We accomplish this through an intake process that involves evaluating various criteria. While struggling with addiction, you may find yourself in a number of detrimental social encounters. Our Commerce, Michigan addiction treatment clinic can help you to form nurturing connections with others that assist in your recovery.

Connections with the Team

Learning how to trust another person to help you is an important part of recovery. Attempting to start and finish this journey without assistance may leave you with little progression. At our Commerce, Michigan addiction recovery facility, you’ll work with the team from the beginning to develop a suitable method of treatment. This process can help to grow an understanding that your needs matter.

Also, you’ll have team members by your side from the early stages. For example, at our Commerce, Michigan drug rehab clinic, you have the benefit of supervised detox. After that stage, the staff will guide you through the different options, such as therapy. You may think that these connections end when you leave the facility, but this treatment center is invested in making plans to help you afterwards too.

Connections with Other Clients

You’ll see a safe and caring community emerging at our Commerce, Michigan substance abuse treatment facility. Social bonds with other clients are encouraged because they can help you to build strength. For example, you may feel anxious about sharing your story in front of a group. However, when you see other people do so, you can feel motivated and inspired.

You and your peers can also learn from one another. You provide each other with a source of strength because you no longer have to feel alone in your battle against addiction. You also have friends to whom you can look for support after your program at our Commerce, Michigan addiction recovery center.

Connections with Yourself

As you are encouraged to pursue healthy goals and to better understand why you struggle with addiction, you can also build a stronger connection with yourself. Talking in group and individual therapy sessions can help here as can really taking in the advice of the team members. Furthermore, you may discover that you have a co-occurring mental health disorder, which we can help treat thanks to dual diagnosis, affording you a better chance of successful recovery.

The thought of receiving dual diagnosis mental health treatment may seem jarring. However, keep in mind that knowing what you’re facing allows you to finally confront it and to work toward bettering the situation. Learning that you are a person who is worthy of positive experiences is a powerful way to battle your addiction and other problems that you may face.

Our Commerce, Michigan drug rehab center is about recovering from your addiction and living a fruitful life. However, it is also about the connections that you form. These bonds, whether with yourself or others, can play a tremendous role in your recovery process and in your ability to resist temptation in the future.

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