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Professional Help at a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Addiction recovery can be an intimidating thing. Add a sense of confusion, poor self-esteem, depleted finances and strained relationships, and you may be reluctant to seek out what you need. Luckily, Addiction Now is here for you. While many in this situation have a deep sense of hopelessness, there is a ray of hope that comes in the form of our drug rehab center in Petal, Mississippi.

Our addiction treatment center in Petal is a comfortable place where those who feel lost and confused can find refuge. This addiction recovery facility is clean, comfortable and secure. The staff here is professional, caring, and want to help those who feel lost and alone to be guided, nurtured and protected. The professional staff is trained to assess individual clients’ needs and create a specific program to help meet the challenges presented by each unique client.

A mental health evaluation and subsequent treatment plan are an important part of the recovery process. Undiagnosed mental health issues can contribute greatly to addictive behavior. Once they have been diagnosed, proper treatment will be recommended. This addition to the treatment program will improve the client’s chance of success. Just as mental health issues can contribute to addiction, dependence can also magnify mental health issues. Dual treatment for mental health and addiction is the best way to attain the goal of sobriety.

Individual and group therapy are also part of the treatment process at our addiction treatment clinic in Petal. In individual therapy, our professionals can talk one-on-one with the client to learn about their past, addictive behaviors, destructive behavioral patterns and underlying self-esteem issues. In group therapy, the client can learn to speak candidly with others who struggle with addiction. They will learn to share their experienced and look for help when they feel they can’t handle the cravings alone. Many lasting friendships start in group therapy sessions.

A professional at our Petal drug rehab clinic can gather the information in the various therapy sessions to make a practical and strategic plan for the client. These individualized programs will help guide the client through each step of their recovery. This specific plan will provide the necessary road map to help the client find a recovery regimen that works for them. The programs even includes aftercare treatment recommendations.

Aftercare is a vital step in the recovery process. Thoughtfully planned aftercare will help the client feel equipped to withstand temptation and give them the tools they need to overcome addictive tendencies once they leave the addiction recovery center in Petal. Aftercare includes continued therapy sessions, both in an individual capacity and in a group session at our substance abuse treatment facility in Petal. Aftercare might also include mental health treatment and enrollment in life choice classes.

Don’t wait, call Addiction Now today and we will begin setting up an appointment for your free consultation at our drug rehab center in Petal, Mississippi.

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