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Factors to Explore When Looking for an Addiction Recovery Center

We applaud you if you have made the tough decision to seek substance abuse treatment. It is difficult to admit that one needs assistance in facing addiction. There are a number of elements of treatment that can only be provided at a professional addiction recovery treatment center. When you’re ready to make serious strides toward the goals that you have identified for recovery, we hope you’ll consider our Manchester, Missouri substance abuse treatment facility.

The Importance of Supervised Detox in a Drug Rehab Center

For most individuals at our drug rehab center, the first step in the substance abuse rehab process is supervised detox. One of the worst things a person can do is to try and undertake the detox process without suitable oversight. Fortunately, our friendly and experienced staff is here to offer their support.

Drug Rehab Clinic and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Roughly half of people with a substance abuse issue also suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition. Some people attempt to self-medicate their co-occurring mental health disorder with mind altering substances, while others might have had substance abuse exacerbate a co-occurring mental health issue.

Not all treatment facilities offer treatment for a dual diagnosis, but at our Manchester, Missouri drug rehab clinic, we pride ourselves on providing clients that struggle with a co-occurring disorder get the care they need.

Community within a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

One of the reasons that our Manchester, Missouri substance abuse treatment is effective is because of the sense of community that develops between clients. A person contemplating enrollment into our treatment facility should be prepared to take part in the recovery community we have fostered within our walls.

Speaking Honestly in a Safe Environment at an Addiction Treatment Center

On a related note, another of the major reasons treatment can be effective is because it provides a person who grapples with substance abuse issue the ability to share with other people in similar situations. Our Manchester, Missouri addiction recovery center fosters a safe environment that encourages honest sharing.

Individualized Care and Treatment in an Addiction Treatment Clinic

The best course of treatment for substance abuse involves a customized treatment program. At our Manchester, Missouri addiction treatment clinic, we will conduct a comprehensive intake interview when you first arrive. The information we gather during this interview will be integral in the formation of a comprehensive plan for recovery.

Types of Therapy in an Addiction Recovery Facility

We are dedicated to providing a full spectrum of possible treatment options at our addiction recovery facility. Examples of possible treatment regimens include individual therapy, group therapy, extended aftercare support, and similar programming.

Our Addiction Recovery Center and Aftercare

A solid aftercare program is a cornerstone of treatment at our Manchester, Missouri drug rehab center, as it is needed to ensure a smoother transition back to a normal routine. Just like every other aspect of treatment we provide, aftercare will be hand tailored to suit your individual needs.

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