Aurora Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Here at our Aurora, Nebraska addiction recovery treatment center, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a safe environment, thus allowing them to achieve the goals they have for recovery. We want all of our clients to succeed in recovery, and to that end, we provide every client who enrolls with a unique, personalized plan for addiction recovery. No matter what variety of therapeutic treatment will best serve your needs, we will not hesitate to provide it. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we provide every client who enrolls with a quality plan for addiction recovery.

For some clients, the best help we can offer comes in the form of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis allows us to provide adequate treatment for both the addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder that the client may be struggling against. We know that a co-occurring disorder can significantly complicate the process of recovery, but with dual diagnosis, our friendly experts can circumvent the pitfalls that accompany treatment of the addiction without consideration of the co-occurring disorder. By ensuring that both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction are adequately treated, our supportive staff and provide clients with the care they need.

We provide a number of different therapeutic options for the clients who enroll at our substance abuse treatment facility in Aurora, Nebraska. These include holistic treatment options such as art therapy and music therapy. The efficacy of the holistic treatment methods we utilize at our drug addiction recovery center have been demonstrated by peer-reviewed research. We want to ensure that every therapeutic option we provide at our clinic has been demonstrated to be effective. That being said, you may be surprised to learn about the wide variety of therapeutic options we have available. During your intake interview, you’ll be able discuss what options will best serve your needs.

While every treatment plan is unique, and customized to the specific needs of the unique individual, there are some elements that are common to most recovery plans. Included among these common elements is group therapy. Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to share the wisdom they have gathered, as well as share their experiences. In return, clients will have the chance to listen to the experience and wisdom of their peers. The support that can be gained through group therapy is unparalleled, and one of the cornerstones of our recovery program. Furthermore, group therapy can form the foundation of a sober support network that lasts well after the client has left our Aurora, Nebraska drug rehab clinic.

We also provide every client with a plan for ongoing recovery treatment. Aftercare is an essential part of our addiction recovery program. It ensures that the client gets the help they need to maintain their recovery for the long run. We want our clients to recognize that our friendly and experienced staff will still be there to offer support, even after they have left our Aurora, Nebraska drug rehab facility.

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