Hollis Drug and Alcohol Rehab

What is Addiction?

Addiction occurs when people have a psychological and physical dependence to drugs or alcohol. Psychological dependence happens when cravings for drugs are obsessive, resulting in compulsive behavior, and physical dependence occurs when people have developed a tolerance to these harmful substances.

Our Hollis, New Hampshire substance abuse treatment facility offers those with an addiction comprehensive care throughout the rehabilitation process. From detox to aftercare treatment, we provide each client with superior care through individualized treatment plans.

Treatment Programs

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are offered at our Hollis, New Hampshire drug rehab clinic. Our inpatient recovery programs are ideal for those who want round the clock support. Clients will reside in our addiction treatment clinic for the duration of the inpatient treatment program.

Our addiction recovery center also offers outpatient treatment programs to those who want to reside in their homes during treatment. These programs are carefully structured to help clients who have job responsibilities or other circumstances get the treatment they need while upholding obligations. However, those who are considering an outpatient treatment program will need to be sure to avoid any triggers that could lead to relapse.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Treatment plans at our drug rehab clinic are unique to each client and provide therapeutic support that empowers our clients to overcome addiction. Our treatment plans are designed to help clients learn how to manage problematic issues that contributed to addiction.

Monitored Detox

The first step toward successful recovery is supervised detox. Detox is a naturally occurring process that will rid the body of toxins due to drug use. Side effects of detox will vary based on several factors. Detox can be dangerous, so our staff provides clients with continuous supervised care during this stage.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There have been many studies conducted regarding co-occurring disorders, which is when people have a co-occurring mental health disorder as well as an addiction, and the results of these studies have found that dual diagnosis treatment is the most effective approach. Our addiction recovery facility offers dual diagnosis treatment for those with co-occurring disorders. This approach to treatment addresses our client’s mental, emotional, and physical health concurrently, so they are able to learn the skills that are needed for a long-lasting recovery.

Personal Therapy

Personal therapy, or individual counseling, is a vital part of the rehabilitation process. Those in personal therapy will learn how to recognize stressors that led to drug use and coping mechanisms to overcome stressful circumstances when treatment is over. Our personal therapy sessions are part of a recovery model that our clients can use during any circumstance and has lasting advantages.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is part of our integrated treatment program. Our Hollis, New Hampshire drug rehab center offers a variety of group therapy sessions. Some of these programs include groups that focus on certain aspects of drug use and groups for those with co-occurring disorders who want support from peers.

Aftercare Therapy

Each client’s treatment plan will include aftercare therapy. Our aftercare programs include community engagements and continuous support from our staff and peers. Aftercare therapy is one of the best ways our addiction treatment center can help those in recovery sustain from drug use.

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