Manhattan Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a very real struggle for many people, and it’s difficult to face without help. Even though an individual may have started with what seemed like harmless, recreational use of a substance, many substances can cause dependency and addiction down the line. After this occurs, ceasing drug use is no easy feat. That’s where a Manhattan drug detox program or drug rehab can help. These programs can treat addiction using a variety of proven methods.

The Different Manhattan Addiction Treatment Programs

Each treatment facility will have its own program to help patients overcome their addictions. Although programs vary, there are a couple of common methods involved.

An often-used treatment method is behavioral therapy. Through therapy, the patient can learn more about him or herself and what thoughts and emotions contributed to the addiction. He or she can then develop ways to manage their feelings so as to avoid future substance use. Therapy can occur in private with just the patient and the therapist involved, or it can occur in a group, typically with 10 or fewer patients. With private therapy, the session will focus entirely on the patient, while in group sessions, patients can support each other. Many treatment facilities have both types of behavioral therapy.

Non-addictive medication is another common aspect of treatment. Withdrawal symptoms can be tough for the patient to go through, and even though medication doesn’t get rid of these symptoms, it can help patients get through them. The medication chosen depends on the patient’s drug of choice. Cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs and marijuana all have different effects on the body and will require different medications. Facilities may continue to offer medication as treatment progresses to help the patient deal with cravings.

Staying at Manhattan Inpatient Drug Rehab

A patient can live on-site at an inpatient drug rehab, in either a shared room or a private room. The period in which the patient lives at the facility could last up to several months. It all depends on the patient and the facility. At Manhattan inpatient drug detox centers, stays may only be for the patient to complete a medically supervised detox. However, there are also inpatient facilities where patients stay for much longer until they’ve made significant progress.

Inpatient facilities typically use medication and addiction therapy. They benefit the patient by providing 24/7 support and monitoring by trained medical staff. They also keep patients away from the temptations of their previous environment.

Going to Manhattan Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At an intensive outpatient treatment facility, the patient visits for their treatment but returns home once the day’s treatment is over. Although it’s more common for a Manhattan drug detox program to be at an inpatient facility, there are also outpatient detox programs for patients who don’t need a medically supervised detox. Outpatient facilities use behavioral therapy, but some also prescribe medication. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment will start out with frequent visits, typically every day, and then lessen in intensity as the patient progresses. These facilities are beneficial for patients who want to receive treatment but need to continue fulfilling any responsibilities they have while getting that treatment.

There are quite a few programs available for people in Manhattan, Guttenberg, Fairview and West New York. Selecting a program that’s a good fit is important, and that’s an area where our addiction specialists can help. Our addiction specialists know how to talk to patients about their addictions and find a program to fit what they need, and offer them the best chance of success in their bid for recovery.

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