Lakewood Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Those struggling with drug addiction need help, whether they recognize it themselves or not. If you see a loved one struggling with any substance addiction or believe they are, it is time to look into the treatments available and help them participate in Lakewood drug detox programs. Our proven methods will help them live a healthy life and assist them in their daily addiction struggles.

Substances like prescription drugs and methamphetamine have real impacts on the brain, and because of this first time use can lead to a life long addiction. A drug rehab program includes a detox period which allows the patient to remove the toxic chemicals from the body that have been storing there for a long time. Medical professionals are available to aid in the mental and physical side effects of detox.

Once the detox period is over, the person should start a full rehab program, whether it be a inpatient or outpatient rehab program. Medical professionals are available to meet specific personal needs. As part of their addiction treatment services, Lakewood inpatient drug detox centers offer a wide variety of treatments, including medication, group therapy, and one on one counseling.

During Lakewood drug detox programs, clients are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox programs are chosen and handled by the expertise of healthcare professionals, allowing the patients to have quality options. The different options are available since each person’s needs are unique depending on their circumstances and the type of drug they use. The patient is able to have a better experience through the detox process due to the assistance of therapists and medical professionals.

Why Lakewood Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs Work

There are many different daily activities one can participate in while in an inpatient program. Starting with a structured day, the person will have little to no time to think about the lack of drugs in their life, which make the withdrawal symptoms easier to manage. The negative influences that supported their substance use are no longer available, but in most cases, family members may visit on the weekends.

Whether there are physical or mental withdrawal symptoms, the staff members are especially trained to handle all. They have medical supervision during detox and are able to completely focus on their issues to achieve recovery and a drug-free life. The programs also offer aftercare to provide guidance and support for the person when they leave the program and return to their normal daily life.

Lakewood inpatient drug detox centers welcome clients from Fairview Park, Rocky River and Brooklyn, among others. The supports provided as part of the programs can include individual and group counseling and therapies. Nutrition and dietary consultations can also help clients develop eating habits to support a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Lakewood Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Rehabilitation and addiction treatment can also be accomplished on an outpatient basis. This involves clients continuing to live at home and attend work or school while regularly attending treatment and therapy at Lakewood drug detox centers or rehab programs. This is a better choice for people dealing with short-term addictions or dependencies since home or certain areas could have strong triggering effects on those who once started their long term addiction in those environments. In order to determine whether an outpatient program is right for someone, it is important to understand the details of their addiction, such as length of time and intensity.

Customized Lakewood Addiction Treatment Programs

Detox, rehabilitation and recovery are all challenging and important steps toward building a drug-free life. Any program, in order to achieve the maximum success possible, needs to be suited for a particular individual in order for the client to feel relaxed and comfortable. Our addiction specialists can help individuals find the treatment that is right for them. Call our facilities today in order to talk to a medical professional who will help you or a loved one choose a program best fit to their unique needs.

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