Mansfield Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug Rehabilitation and the Step by Step Process of Recovery

Treatment for addiction at our Mansfield, Ohio addiction recovery center starts with spending some time detoxing from the drugs to which your body is addicted. This is the first step in the recovery process, and one that needs to be supervised at all times. It is never safe to try and detox from drugs on your own while at home. Our addiction treatment clinic provides you with the nurturing, empathetic environment you need in order to get a solid foundation for your recovery.

Specialized addiction treatment at our Mansfield, Ohio drug rehab center can include treatment for those struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. This gives people who have a co-occurring mental health condition to seek treatment for both substance abuse and mental health needs at the same time. Our addiction treatment center will provide the dual diagnosis support you need to manage your mental health while trying to recover from your addiction.

Treatment is specialized for each client in our Mansfield, Ohio substance abuse treatment facility. Your treatment plan will be decided upon by you and your counselor. You will outline your goals for treatment and talk about what you think is your best course of action over the next few months. Some clients aren’t ready to return home, and decide that a stay in a sober living program is the best way to build a stronger foundation for recovery.

Groups are an important part of your stay at our Mansfield, Ohio addiction recovery facility. You will learn about community and the importance of building a support network you can count on. Once you leave the facility, you will be encouraged to attend groups as part of your ongoing recovery efforts. The people you meet in a drug rehab clinic often become the people who are a strong support for you in the community.

Participation in groups is encouraged with an open mind. The more honest you are when you talk about your addiction, the more help you will be able to get from your experience. If you aren’t honest about what is going on for you, it be almost impossible to give you any support in your recovery.

While the process of rehabilitation begins in detox, it continues on throughout your life. As you learn more effective ways to manage your stress, you will be stronger in your recovery. By attending individual therapy for professional support and always looking for ways to promote wellness, you’ll have a stronger hold on your sobriety.

The aftercare process that begins once you leave detox is different for everyone. Some people return home after a short stay in rehab, while others spend a longer time in a residential setting among peers. No matter what, you will be able to live your best life once you remain focused on your sobriety.

When you feel stressed, you will have a support network that you can count on. You’ll have groups in the area that you can attend, and you will have a good relationship with a therapist that you trust. Drug rehabilitation is a step by step process, and our Mansfield, Ohio drug rehab clinic will be there for you every step of the way.

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