Springdale Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Springdale, South Dakota drug rehab center takes great pride in our approach to addiction recovery, which is all about providing client-centered care. Inspired by clients who have been able to overcome significant challenges in their own lives, we have put together a personalized approach to help more clients live their best lives after reaching recovery in our facility.

As a client-centered addiction treatment center, we focus our efforts on a number of values. Safety is at the top of the list, with personalization of services coming a close second. We help clients with physical and mental health needs, and we have a supervised detox approach that gets clients off to a good start. Our Springdale, South Dakota addiction recovery facility is designed with the long-term wellness of the client in mind.

Our approach to safety

When our clients and their families approach our Springdale, South Dakota drug rehab clinic, they may be concerned about safety. We understand this concern, so our primary approach is to provide the safest possible environment so clients can focus on their recovery. We hire and train staff members who understand the seriousness of our mission. They are constantly on the lookout to ensure a safe environment for our clients.

We even do everything possible to keep clients safe from themselves during the most difficult parts of rehab. This is where our supervised detox comes into play. We want clients at all times to know that we support them, so being there during the tough detox portion of recovery is critical.

Sitting down with every client

Addiction recovery is all about the client and how comfortable they feel in a substance abuse treatment facility. When clients feel comfortable speaking to staff and letting the clinic know about their needs, they are more likely to succeed. We encourage this, and it allows us to formulate specialized plans for every client. Our Springdale, South Dakota addiction recovery center creates a new plan for every single client who comes through our door.

Dual diagnosis approaches work

At our Springdale, South Dakota addiction treatment clinic, we provide clients who can benefit with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows us to provide a client with treatment for both the addiction and any co-occurring disorder with which they may be struggling. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we are able to ensure that clients have the best chance at recovering over the long run rather than just achieving a short-term gain.

Seeing our clients through the entirety of the recovery process

Addiction recovery can often be difficult, which is why we have put together a comprehensive process for our clients. It begins with the supervised detox, allowing clients to settle in. This allows their bodies to rest and recover before they go into the next phases. Our treatment program allows for healing of both the body and mind, making clients feel better while allowing them to explore their mental health in a community that will support them. We also support our clients with aftercare. Because we want them to be successful, we do what’s needed to ensure that clients receive the recovery support they deserve.

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