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Addiction Has Teeth

While wisdom teeth are a leftover oddity from our days as a stick-gathering, reed-chewing people who needed back-ups for their teeth, today, they continue...

New pediatric primary care model for teens with addiction shows promise

A new pediatric primary care model designed to help teens who are struggling with a substance use disorder is showing promise. The U.S. health care...

Parenting tips for helping a child after addiction treatment

Caring for a child after they have gone through addiction treatment can be stressful, but parents can take several precautions to prevent serious problems. A...

The link between negative sexual events and prescription drug misuse

Sexual events perceived as negative among college students are often associated with the misuse of prescription drugs, a new study published in the journal...

Teen drug use drops to new lows, survey shows

Teen drug use has significantly declined in the past year, according to the 2016 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey released on Tuesday by the...
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