Fair Oaks Drug and Alcohol Rehab

You may already have certain impressions about addiction recovery treatment. However, many people have misconceptions about what rehab is really like. Our addiction recovery facility in Fair Oaks, Virginia uses a wide range of approaches to help ensure clients achieve their long-term recovery goals.

Struggles with Withdrawal

Ceasing substance abuse can help you attain a clear mind, but there will likely be withdrawal symptoms to contend with as well. Our Fair Oaks, Virginia drug rehab clinic provides you with supervision while you’re working through these symptoms, ensuring any problems you encounter can be safely resolved. Stay strong during this phase, as the most severe symptoms tend to resolve in only a few days.


The intake process at our Fair Oaks, Virginia addiction recovery center involves taking an assessment of your history of addiction. This information helps us craft a plan for recovery treatment. Furthermore, you’ll spend time with a counselor to uncover specific factors contribute to your addiction. This process will help determine whether or not the dual diagnosis approach, which entails treating your addiction along with any co-occurring mental health disorders, will be helpful for you. This plan may change over time, especially as you prepare for aftercare, since your needs for treatment will evolve.

Group Therapy Sessions

One of the most powerful tools for maintaining long-term recovery is group meetings with others who have also struggled with addiction. At our Fair Oaks, Virginia substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll be introduced to a group that will listen to you and offer support and care. In these sessions, you’ll also provide support when it’s needed. These relationships will prove invaluable during therapy and once you’re in the aftercare phase.

One-on-One Therapy

There are some concerns you might want to share in a private setting, and individual therapy provides you an avenue for sharing these concerns. Use these sessions to open up with your counselor and share information even if you feel uncomfortable. At our addiction treatment center in Fair Oaks, Virginia, out staff has extensive training and know how to provide the unique care you demand. You’ll also work to plan for the future and find out how recovery can help you reach what you want in life.

Breaking Old Habits

Habits take time to build, and your time at our Fair Oaks, Virginia addiction treatment clinic will give you the time needed to begin building good habits for recovery. The safe environment we provide will help you refresh and regroup, and you’ll be relieved to be able avoid the struggles people suffering from addiction often encounter. It takes time to make good habits stick, but you’ll receive encouragement and support along the way.

Addiction is something that needs to be handled one day at a time. Our drug rehab center in Fair Oaks, Virginia will help you hone techniques to maintain your progress, stretching those days of sobriety into months, years and decades. If you need help, reach out. There’s no addiction you can’t defeat with the right support.

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