Warrenton Addiction Recovery Center Provides Counseling Services

Warrenton Addiction Recovery Center Provides Counseling Services

An addiction recovery center in Warrenton, Virginia has been established to give people struggling with substance use disorders in Fauquier County a chance to gain help.

The Spiritworks Foundation Center for the Soul, based in Williamsburg, has opened a new addiction recovery center in Warrenton on August 1.

The organization, originated in 2005, is encompassed of people who have recovered from drug or alcohol addiction. They deliver peer-to-peer drug abuse programs for adults and adolescents that are in recovery from substance abuse addiction. But currently the Warrenton office only delivers substance abuse treatment to adults.

Spiritworks believes that people who are recovering from substance use disorders are proof that anyone can be saved through counseling. The foundation also believes that everyone who goes through recovery needs to find a meaning in their life to stop their substance use.

Like the addiction recovery center in Williamsburg, the Warrenton facility features a wellness compass program.

The center promotes addiction treatment through the eight dimensions of wellness.

The eight dimensions of wellness are emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual, as indicated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Spiritworks hopes to improve the wellness for people struggling with substance use disorders and mental illnesses through the SAMSHA 10 X 10 Wellness Campaign. Spiritworks ultimately hopes are to reduce drug overdoses by 10 times over a 10 year span.

Their addiction recovery center took over the space formerly occupied by the McShin Foundation in Richmond, which shuttered its doors at the end of July.

Spiritworks opened an addiction recovery center in Warrenton partially because of community efforts to replace the McShin Foundation. The addiction recovery center will offer outpatient treatment services.

Spiritworks still is planning to do some remodeling on the facility to fit it to its needs. The organization has a budget of $250,000 spread out for both locations.

Spiritworks looks to fill the void left by the McShin Foundation in a county that still has many people struggling with substance use disorders.

Preliminary reports indicated that there have been over 50 opioid-related overdoses resulting in emergency department visits in the county in 2018, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

Fauquier Health Path Foundation published a community health assessment recently to illustrate what could be done to help stop substance abuse in the county.

The goals of the report included accruing a comprehensive health needs assessment process that demonstrated what health improvements are needed. The assessment also sought input from the community to evaluate how the public felt about current health solutions. Lastly, the assessment was conducted to to determine what could improve health standards in the community.

The assessment concluded that people in Fauquier County felt that mental health and substance abuse as well as access to healthcare were among the biggest issues in the county.

When questioned about what were causing these issues, many felt that the lack of information about substance abuse treatment services was an obstacle to people finding the care they need.

Since substance abuse has been identified as a significant health need, the Path Foundation has expressed that drug abuse prevention, treatment and harm reduction needs to be exemplified.

The assessment concluded that evidence-based programs and drug abuse education need to be implemented or maintained. It also highlighted that stigma needs to be removed from substance abuse. Part of the harm reduction efforts include addressing mental health issues among people in the community.