Addiction treatment strategies for the antisocial

define more behavior-specific addiction treatment plans. Personalized treatment that focuses on reinforcement and goal-orientation could prove effective in the callous-unemotional group, as it may bolster focus that is lacking. For the antisocial-only group or those diagnosed with conduct disorder in childhood, a program that includes parent-based treatment with an emphasis on reflection may marginalize the impulsivity that is inherent with this group.

“Integrating research on these divergent cognitive-affective deficits with the development of treatments provides an opportunity to implement more effective targeted treatment that addresses these costly behavior problems and their comorbid (substance use disorders),” researchers stated.

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Addiction treatment strategies for the antisocial
Certain behavioral traits have long been associated with a risk for drug abuse, but new research published in the journal Behavioral Sciences by researchers at Yale University dug deeper into the links between patterns of drug abuse and behavior categorized as antisocial or psychopathic.
Cesar Gamboa
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